Our team met with manage­ment on Oct. 31 and Nov. 7. While we made some progress on several issues, there is still much to be done. We success­fully fought off management’s proposals to limit WSNA’s access to Evergreen premises and to require nurses to wear blue scrubs.

However, manage­ment is still insisting that it be able to force nurses to be on standby when they notify the nurse that the start of his or her shift will be delayed. Currently, nurses have the option of taking low census or being placed on standby.

We are still far apart on wages. We have let manage­ment know that Evergreen nurses are paid much less than their fellow WSNA nurses at Overlake and in Seattle. Your WSNA bargaining team has made proposals to close this wage gap.

WSNA has heard your concerns about safe staffing. We have made substan­tive proposals to address these concerns and would require Evergreen to:

  1. Maintain staffing ratios and levels during meal and rest breaks to maintain quality patient care;
  2. Maintain staffing levels that take into consid­er­a­tion the acuity of patients and that ensure safe patient care and the safety of the nurses; and,
  3. Maintain staffing levels so that nurses receive meal and rest breaks and are able to utilize avail­able time off from work.

We have also proposed to enhance the staffing committee so that nurses have a greater voice in staffing decisions, including nurses in Home Health and Hospice who face signif­i­cant staffing issues.

To date, manage­ment has rejected each and every one of these proposals and has offered no substan­tive contrac­tual proposal that would address these staffing concerns.

We will continue to fight on behalf of our fellow nurses! But we need your help.

Here is how you can help the team negotiate a strong contract: #

  • Talk with at least three nurses about this update.
  • Be informed! Read all WSNA emails and flyers to be the most up to date. Visit the Evergreen webpage often to see how strong, unified and active Evergreen nurses have been!
  • Wear WSNA buttons, stickers, repre­sen­ta­tional rights badge buddies and others to show unity – wear them with pride!

We, your negoti­a­tion team and Contract Action Team members, will be asking all nurses to partic­i­pate in many more actions to support this impor­tant work. Answer your team’s call to action by saying YES!

Contact a team member or WSNA Nurse Organizer Tara Barnes, RN to learn how you can support us in moving manage­ment on the proposals that matter to the nurses, their families and safe patient care.

We are working with the employer to set additional dates to bargain. Stay tuned.