The Founda­tion works to advance the nursing profes­sion and facil­i­tate nursing’s contri­bu­tion to the health of the commu­nity by:

  • Distrib­uting funds to increase public and profes­sional knowl­edge and under­standing of profes­sional nursing, its science and its art.
  • Providing an educa­tional and chari­table organi­za­tion for individ­uals and groups dedicated to the support of the profes­sion of nursing.
  • Providing a means for solic­iting, receiving and making finan­cial and other contri­bu­tions to the profes­sion of nursing.
  • Supporting and assisting the profes­sion of nursing in maintaining and improving the quality of its services to the public.

How are funds used? #

The Founda­tion provides grants and schol­ar­ships which:

  • Provide finan­cial assis­tance to quali­fied students currently enrolled in a commu­nity college, baccalau­reate or advanced degree nursing program in Washington State.
  • Encourage and provide for contin­uing diver­sity within the nursing profession.
  • Encourage recruit­ment of quali­fied persons into the nursing profession.
  • Support nurses who may have a finan­cial need.

Why give? What are the benefits to the donor, the profession and the public? #

Join the many nurses and friends of nursing who are inter­ested in supporting the Founda­tion. You will have a part in directly recruiting new nurses and helping nurses to advance their educa­tion, thereby improving nursing care and as well as health in communities.

Ways to donate #

Every person has different prior­i­ties and prefer­ences. WSNF offers a number of options for giving to match your situa­tion. Examples include:

  • Gifts of cash or stock.
  • Annual pledges.
  • Employer contri­bu­tion match.
  • Donations made from 401K retire­ment payouts which count toward your annual minimum distribution.
  • Planned giving through endow­ments such as life insur­ance policies or bequests in a will, chari­table gift annuity or trust.

We advise you to consult an attorney, accoun­tant, or finan­cial planner regarding planned giving and the tax advan­tages of chari­table gifts. Both you and the Founda­tion can benefit.

Etta B. Cummings Fund #

The Washington State Nurses Founda­tion (WSNF) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) estab­lished in 1982 as a separate entity from WSNA. Our mission is to acquire and develop funds for clinical, and educa­tional advance­ment of the nursing profession.