Legal motion cites harm to community, lack of adequate notice, secrecy of decision #

The Washington State Nurses Associ­a­tion today filed an emergency motion with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Washington requesting recon­sid­er­a­tion of the precip­i­tous closure of Astria Regional Medical Center. Within just a few hours of receiving the motion, the bankruptcy judge granted a hearing to consider our request for reconsideration.

We need all nurses and commu­nity members to pack this hearing to demon­strate our outrage and showcase the impact of this decision on our commu­nity and our nurses.

Emergency Motion Hearing

Tuesday, January 14, 9:30am

U.S. Bankruptcy Court

402 E. Yakima Ave.

Tower Building, 2nd floor courtroom

WSNA’s motion contends that Astria failed to give WSNA and other inter­ested parties adequate notice or the oppor­tu­nity to present arguments in its secret decision, giving nurses and other staff at Astria Regional only five days’ notice of their immediate termi­na­tion. In addition, the sudden closure leaves the Yakima Valley with a serious gap in the avail­ability of heart surgery and emergency services in addition to little time to move existing patients.

We do not believe a week’s notice is suffi­cient for Virginia Mason Memorial and other local resources to absorb the increased demand for health care caused by the court’s decision to expedite the loss of health care services that Regional provided to the commu­nity. With the loss of Yakima Regional’s emergency room, Memorial can expect to see a nearly 40% increase in volume, according to Medicare​.gov data, with only a weeks’ notice to absorb the surge. This is partic­u­larly problem­atic as winter weather leads to increased car accidents on I‑82.

Our next step is to meet with hospital admin­is­tra­tion to bargain over the affects of the shut down and termi­na­tion of our nurses. We are working to schedule the bargaining for next week. In order to hear your concerns and to provide the most up to date infor­ma­tion on next steps as well as resources to support you, we are holding an emergency local unit meeting.

URGENT Local unit meeting

Monday, January 13

1 — 3 p.m.

Hilton Garden Inn at 401 E Yakima Ave

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive Jayson Dick at