Little to no movement was made in reaching a fair contract during our session on the 27th of June. The employer is maintaining its position on 1.5% in each year of the contract as well as random drug screening and manda­tory flu shots. The employer has also rejected our staffing language that would ensure nurses have a meaningful say in staffing condi­tions that would ensure safe patient care. Despite Astria’s commit­ment towards bringing our hospital to a sustain­able state”, their actions have made it clear that reten­tion, recruit­ment, and safe staffing is not part of that vision. The Medical Center has reported that there are 80 vacant nursing positions and that they have spent approx­i­mately $3 million on agency nurses in the last 9 months. The employer’s proposals do not demon­strate a commit­ment to safe staffing or patient care. 

Let admin­is­tra­tion know that you support a contract that promotes patient safety, a healthy working environ­ment, and fair wages by speaking to your negoti­a­tion team members and signing our petition. 

In Solidarity, Your Negoti­a­tion Team: Herbie Aganda, Evette Runyon, Mark McFeeley, Laurie Robinson, Ty Fotheringill. 

Questions?? Call your Nurse Rep Jayson Dick MBA, BSN, RN 1 – 206-858‑2139.