Your bargaining team met with Astria on Wednesday. We presented a proposal designed to soften the impact of the closure on all of us while helping ARMC nurses transi­tion to our next chapters. We were outraged that Astria’s response did nothing to recog­nize the hard work and sacri­fice that we have all made to support this hospital and our commu­nity. Astria was unwilling to offer a sever­ance package of any kind. Please know that this is not over. While we would have liked to reach a speedy resolu­tion to this matter, we continue to believe that Astria must be held account­able for what they have done to us, our patients and our commu­nity. WSNA is currently exploring all poten­tial legal remedies avail­able to us. Please stay tuned.

In Solidarity
Your negoti­ating team
Evette Runyon, Mark McFeeley, Laurie Robinson, and Lisa Bullek