On June 10, 2020 your coali­tion negoti­a­tion team met with manage­ment for the first time. During this session we went over our initial proposal with manage­ment. We expect manage­ment to provide their proposal at our next session. WSNA and our negoti­a­tion coali­tion have agreed to meet with Depart­ment of Veterans Affairs manage­ment on June 24 and July 8 to bargain next.

As you are likely aware, the state budget forecast has taken a big hit due to the COVID crisis and will likely impact our negoti­a­tions.

Please wear any WSNA materials (buttons, badge holders, stickers, etc.) to show your support for a fair contract!


If you work at the Washington Soldiers Home or Washington Veterans Home, please contact

Travis Elmore, WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive at 1 800 231‑8482 ext. 3117 or telmore@wsna.org if you have questions or comments.

If you work at the Spokane Veterans Home or the Walla Veterans Home, please contact Debi Bessmer, WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive at dbessmer@wsna.org or 1 – 800-231‑8482 ext. 3112.