You have a new Nurse Rep! Meet Jaclyn Perkins, BSN, RN - WSNA Nurse Representative #


Hello fellow nursing colleagues! It’s my true pleasure to be a part of your WSNA team at PVNA. My name is Jaclyn Perkins, and I have been a regis­tered nurse for 15 years, and a WSNA Nurse Rep for 10 years. Before coming to work for WSNA, I special­ized in the operating room, where I had the pleasure of serving as a WSNA Local Unit Rep, sitting on the negoti­ating team, and felt the experi­ence of being a grievant for an unsafe working condi­tion. Since my time at WSNA, I have enjoyed repre­senting nurses through negoti­a­tions, the griev­ance process, labor manage­ment commit­tees, and disci­pli­nary situa­tions. This only skims the surface of the work that I have done to support nurses voice in the profes­sion that we know and love. I find that together we will make change for the greater good. I love the nursing profes­sion, and I love nurses. To be able to help support the very people on the front­line who make the magic of patient care happen is my passion. Please never hesitate to call me with a question or an issue you may have, or to simply say hi! We are united, and we are one!”

Contact me at: or 1 – 800-231‑8482, ext. 3118.


Announcing Election Results: Congratulations to your new Local Unit Officers! #


Annette M. Thomas, WSNA Local Unit Chair (Not pictured)


Val McCanna – WSNA Local Unit Vice Chair

I had several conver­sa­tions with other nurses at work before deciding to become a union rep. We now have a strong progres­sive group who together with my insights can bring unity and support to the PVNA nurses. I am excited to be part of this WSNA Union.”


Kathleen Thompson – WSNA Local Unit Secre­tary

I am the new Secre­tary for our local bargaining unit. I have been at PVNA for one year (I am the Certi­fied Diabetes Educator-CDE), but it still seems like I am in orien­ta­tion. I learn something new every day! So much has changed since I worked in home health in the early 90s! Besides home health, I worked for a year in PICU in Las Vegas; a year in the critical access hospital in Omak, a few years in hospital case manage­ment, and nearly 20 years in quality improve­ment in 2 feder­ally quali­fied health centers in Okanogan and Moses Lake. Leading improve­ment initia­tives is one of my ninja skills. I volun­teered to run for office because I have the time and the skill set. I think I have been the Secre­tary in every organi­za­tion I ever joined.”


Lisa Figg – WSNA Treasurer


Marilee Naddy – WSNA Local Unit Griev­ance Officer 

I gradu­ated my nursing program in 1974. I have appre­ci­ated the flexi­bility of the profes­sion as it has related to my personal life. Yes I have had many positions.… and each selected to fit with my family. My experi­ence ranges from hospital bedside, chem dep. , Associate Program Director of a brain injury program CPHQ QI insur­ance, Director of 150 bed SNF (no sanctions or decubs in my building) to consulting, insur­ance review, case manage­ment in insur­ance, rehab, and hospital based and then documen­ta­tion analysis. I landed at PVNA in 2013 and started Case Manage­ment in central and now the south hill. I like to think I have the wisdom of the years… and it will be helpful in the role of Griev­ance Officer. I look forward to working with Admin­is­tra­tors and my colleagues as we journey through these dynamic times in home health. Please feel free to contact me with issues or concerns. Together we will walk the walk.”

PVNAS officer pics


Local Unit Meeting: Come for a meet and greet”

Not sure what the union does?

Not sure what might rise to the level of a concern” to share with the union?

Come to the next Local Unit meeting to find answers to these questions and to meet your new Union Representatives.

Next meeting

Location: Frankie Doodles
313 E 3rd Ave, Spokane, WA 99202

Date: Sept 24
Time: 5:00 pm


Staffing Concern/​ADO forms

Having to work lots of overtime? You can help yourself and your colleagues by completing an ADO form.

By completing the form, you are helping to make the problem known to manage­ment, which creates an oppor­tu­nity for the problem to be addressed. Addition­ally, you are documenting the facts, which may be helpful to you later if there is a negative outcome.

These are other reasons to complete the ADO form, though some may not apply in a home health setting:

  • Charge nurse is unable to perform charge nurse duties, secondary to increased patient care assignment
  • Inade­quate nurse to patient ratios for patient acuity based on your clinical judgment
  • Insuf­fi­cient support staff requires you to assume additional duties
  • You are not trained or experi­enced in the area assigned
  • You have not been oriented to this unit / case load
  • Patient care equip­ment missing or unusable
  • Neces­sary equip­ment is not avail­able (e.g.: supplies, IVs, medica­tion availability)
  • You are not trained or experi­enced to use equip­ment in assigned area
  • System failure (e.g.: computer, phone, pyxis, call system)
  • An assign­ment poses a serious threat to your health and safety
  • An assign­ment poses a serious threat to the health and safety of a patient under your direct care
  • Forced / manda­tory overtime
  • Missed breaks

The link to the Staffing Complaint/​ADO form can be downloaded and saved onto your personal cell phone so that it is avail­able all the time. To access the form, go to http://​www​.wsna​.org/union/ado.

Once you complete the online form, your WSNA Nurse Rep, and Local Unit Chair / Co-Chair will be notified immedi­ately by email. Be sure to write in your manager’s email address at the bottom of the form so that they receive a copy as well. ADO’s will be discussed during Labor Manage­ment Meetings.



Overtime, Overtime and More Overtime

We are contin­uing to have conver­sa­tions with manage­ment about this issue and we believe that they are hearing us! We will continue to monitor this situation.



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P: (509) 315‑9392

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