"You are the Union!" #

Letter from Your Chair #

Our world is a pretty chaotic place, and so much feels out of our control. I’m grateful for the work we do at WSNA, which reminds me that each of us has the power to make a differ­ence. Together, we fight for fair wages, better health care coverage, and hold manage­ment account­able. Nursing is incred­ibly rewarding, and incred­ibly diffi­cult. It is an honor to support all of you as chair.

The more of us that belong to this bargaining unit, the stronger our message is to manage­ment. I want to thank all of you for putting your hard-earned money, time, and energy into this work. Our strength comes from our unity.

If you want to get more connected and involved in this work, reach out. Whether you are a great conflict resolver, want to lead your depart­ment as a unit repre­sen­ta­tive, or could give a couple of hours a month telling newly hired nurses about the benefits of the union, your skills would be welcome.

In Solidarity,

Suzanna Avery and Natasza Lorentz

Chair and Co-Chair

Negotiations Update #

This site is a great way to be active in WSNA and to find out all the updates. Make sure to check online for updates on negoti­a­tions and to be able to find your contract.

Online Staffing Complaints/ADO #

Online Staffing Complaint form – use it! This online staffing complaint/​ADO form was devel­oped by a coali­tion that included WSNA, SEIU, UFCW and WSHA repre­sen­ta­tives. Completing the form serves many purposes, including data tracking, bring issues to light, supportive documen­ta­tion, and discus­sion tool to make things better. It is not punitive. This form is to be completed for issues including but not limited to: 

  • Missed breaks or earned time denied
  • In the event of equip­ment issues or system failure If you have reason to complete this form, you first should speak with your manager or charge nurse for that shift in order to try to resolve the concern as quickly as possible.
  • The unit is not staffed according to its staffing plan or if mid-shift staffing adjust­ments are inade­quate. (In order to know if your unit is not staffed according to its staffing plan, you must first know what the staffing plan for you unit is. Staffing plans, including nursing and unlicensed staff, are required to be posted on every unit.)

When you complete the online form, you are encour­aged to include your manager’s name and email. After you complete the form a copy of the submitted form immedi­ately goes to you, the WSNA chair, WSNA Repre­sen­ta­tive and your manager, provided you have entered his or her email. The Nurse Staffing Committee will review the complaint at their next meeting, if it is a staffing concern. The Nurse Confer­ence Committee will review the other complaint at their next meeting if it is not a staffing concern.

The link to the Staffing Complaint/​ADO form can be downloaded and saved onto your personal cell phone so that it is avail­able all the time. To access the form, go to http://​www​.wsna​.org/union/ado for more infor­ma­tion and both the online and download­able form.

Can we get in touch with you? #

  • Are you receiving our communication?
  • Have you moved, changed phone number or email?
  • If so please call or email or member­ship depart­ment to update your infor­ma­tion, so that you can stay informed

Who do I contact? #


Upcoming Event - A fantastic PAID educational opportunity #

Don’t miss WSNA’s popular labor training event at Campbell’s Resort in Chelan, Washington. Nurses from across the state will convene to get an update on the national and state labor scenes, to learn how to be more effec­tive leaders in our own workplaces, to celebrate our successes, and to strate­gize for what’s coming next.

Don’t miss this exciting oppor­tu­nity! We, your Local Unit Officers are looking for 15 nurses who are inter­ested in learning more about leader­ship oppor­tu­ni­ties and partic­i­pa­tion at the local unit level. These 15 spots will be offered on a first come, first served basis so don’t delay!

March 29 – 31 at Campbells Resort in Lake Chelan

The confer­ence is FREE!

Mileage, and 1 night at Campbell’s Resort will be reimbursed by your local unit officers from local unit funds.

You may be eligible for profes­sional leave under the contract.

Your Local Union is going to sponsor 2 – 3 RNs to this leader­ship confer­ence. Reach out to your officers or nurse rep if you are interested.