This Memorandum of Under­standing (MOU) can be found on pages 43 – 46 of the current collec­tive bargaining agree­ment. The primary objec­tive of this MOU is to address staffing issues immedi­ately as they occur.

If patient safety is an issue, the RN Staffing Concern Process” diagram (p. 44 – 45) calls for a PSA to be completed. If the patient safety issue continues, the RN should escalate the issue to the Nursing Flow Super­visor. In the past, the PSA has not been used regularly for staffing issues.”

In addition to the PSA, WSNA strongly suggests that nurses continue to complete the Assign­ment Despite Objec­tion (ADO) form regarding these issues. These are utilized for real-time tracking efforts, in addition to discussing them with manage­ment at both the Confer­ence Committee and the Staffing Committee. The PSA forms are not shared with WSNA, only a recap” of the PSA is shared with us. 

The PSA remains confi­den­tial and, in the event of an adverse outcome with a patient for which you write a PSA, that PSA would not be admis­sible in court (to demon­strate your Nursing Judgment was a catalyst for completing the form). An ADO IS admis­sible in court. There­fore, this form is designed to help you cover your license!

RNs are very busy and patient care is our priority. If you have an issue that requires you to complete an ADO, nd feel it’s just one more thing” to add to your list, now the PSA is a another! The PSAs have not been utilized by the Staffing Committee in the past to track Staffing Issues, the ADOs were! 

Manage­ment is now wanting to have you fill out PSAs, too. They cite the updated law (House Bill 1714) regarding Nurse Staffing Plans and patient safety as their catalyst. The new language states the RN must have a way to report staffing issues to the Staffing Committee and to make complaints to the committee.

It was origi­nally agreed (in 20170 that the ADOs would continue to be the manner in which nurses report their staffing issues. The Employer now wants to utilize this MOU language, having nurses complete the PSA, in addition to the ADOs. We strongly suggest you continue reporting these STAFFING issues on the ADO, as well!!! Remember, you can CALL in your PSAs rather than fill out PSA form, which will save you time!

If you do not have ADO forms on your unit, let us know. We will be sure you receive a new supply. You can also print these ADO forms from your computer – at work! Click this link to find the ADO form online. Print and fill out the ADO form, give a copy to your Charge Nurse or Manager; keep a copy for yourself and scan or fax a copy to Terri Williams, MS, RN; WSNA Nurse Rep. 

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this.

In Solidarity!

Your Local Unit Officers: 

Suzanne I. Baek, MSN, RN CNOR; Secretary/​Treasurer; OR

Susan L. Dunn, MS, RN; Griev­ance Officer & Acting Chair; Hyper­baric

Samuel E. Asencio, RN; Member­ship Officer; OR

And, Terri Williams, MS, RN; WSNA Nurse Rep;; Fax: 206 – 575-1908