We met for our first negoti­a­tion session on November 8, 2019.

We came prepared with a compre­hen­sive and compet­i­tive proposal including fair and equitable wage and premium increases, better nurse staffing, and protec­tion for nurses against violence in the workplace.

Manage­ment came with not a single proposal, which was incred­ibly disap­pointing, consid­ering that they have had months and months to prepare for this day. After we gave them our proposal, they did not have a response for us.

Maintain your union power and stay strong together. Help us fight for a fair and equitable contract. The employer is working hard to weaken the union which gives you less power at the negoti­a­tion table. If you are not a member, join today! Don’t let manage­ment drive a wedge into the blood, sweat and tears that went into bargaining by the nurses that came before you. For decades we have fought to gain better wages, hours and working condi­tions for nurses at VMMC.

Our next two sched­uled dates are December 6 and 13. Stay connected and talk to us, your WSNA negoti­ating team. We are here for you.

In solidarity from your WSNA negoti­ating team,
Natasza Lorentz, Sam Asencio, Kari Benning, Janelle Coy, Jane Hill-Little­john, Sue Dunn, and Suzanne Baek

For questions please contact Terri Williams or Hanna Welander, interim WSNA Nurse Reps twilliams@wsna.org / hwelander@wsna.org.