On March 29, WSNA repre­sented nurses at Virginia Mason voted to approve the WSNA/VM Memorandum of Agree­ment bringing Buck Pavilion Inter­ven­tional Radiology nurses into the Jones Tower IR depart­ment, and granting those nurses WSNA seniority for their years of service at VM. Buck nurses will receive depart­mental seniority at hire and full seniority within the bargaining unit after one year.

We are pleased with this result and look forward to welcoming Buck Nurses into the Jones Tower and our bargaining unit!

Sincere thanks to all of you who voted.

In solidarity:

Chair: Suzanna Avery, BSN, RN; (Jones 11) — suzannastercho@gmail.com
Griev­ance Officer: Sue Dunn, MSN, RN (Hyper­baric) — ballardsue@yahoo.com
Secretary/​Treasurer: Suzanne Baek, RN (OR) — suzannebaek1@gmail.com
Member­ship Officer: Sam Asencio, RN (OR) — samlijas@comcast.net
Membership/​Grievance Officer: Natasza Lorentz — nataszalorentz@gmail.com
WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive:
Sue O’Donnell, MSN, RN — sodonnell@wsna.org