If you are currently a full-time (0.9FTE) and are under the current employer insur­ance plan for employee only, you may have noticed since January you were being charged for your insur­ance premium. WSNA had several meetings with your employer and agreed on the language in a Letter of Under­standing to reflect the intent of the current contract language. Full-time nurses who have been paying insur­ance premiums for themselves only will be reimbursed for the amount that has been taken out since Jan. 1. The cost for family and spouse actually went down as of Jan. 1 and is not affected by this LOU. 

Please be sure to thank those who partic­i­pated in the discus­sions with manage­ment regarding this issue: Cheryl Bofman, Janice Schell, Eliza­beth Martinez and Lovella Flores.

If you have any questions regarding the Letter of Under­standing please feel free to contact Carmen Garrison at cgarrison@wsna.org or any of the officers.