You can now view and download our new contract. It is avail­able in the Contracts and Documents section of this page.

Astria bankruptcy update #

As you are well aware, we will be going into negoti­a­tions again once the bankruptcy court closes the case. We still do not have a date when this is expected to be final. Until the bankruptcy is final, it makes no sense to go to the table to negotiate a contract as the hospital will not negotiate wages until the bankruptcy case is closed.

Vacation and Holiday cash out #

Did you ask to cash out any of your vacation and holiday according to article 10.6? If you did request the cash out and were denied, please contact Carmen Garrison at as soon as possible.

We have filed a griev­ance for nurses who have left employ­ment and were denied their vacation/​holiday cash out upon termi­na­tion. We are currently working with the bankruptcy court to resolve this issue. The employer agreed to cash out for current employees per article 10.6. There will be more coming on this.

10.6 Vacation Cash-Out: 

At the end of each calendar year, up to forty (40) hours of accrued vacation may be cashed out at the nurse’s regular rate of pay (payable the second payroll in January of the following year), provided that forty (40) hours must remain in the nurse’s vacation bank after the cash-out. Written requests for the cash-out of accrued vacation .must be received by Human Resources not later than December 15 of the year for which the cash-out is requested. The request will be submitted on a cash-out form supplied by the Hospital.

ADO/​Staffing complaint forms online #

ADO/​Staffing Complaint Forms are now online at wsna​.org. These are reviewed by your Staffing Committee. We encourage you to use the online version. Copies automat­i­cally go to the LU (Local Unit) Chair, the co-chairs on the staffing committee. Please include your manager’s email infor­ma­tion so a copy goes to them as well.

Show your support for Swedish employees #

Swedish workers are going on strike. Please sign their petition. 

WSNA Leadership- Let’s build our future #

8.5 CNE contact hours

This March, don’t miss WSNA’s annual labor training event at Campbell’s Resort in Chelan, Washington. Join nurses from around the state as we convene to get an update on the national and state labor scenes, to learn how to be more effec­tive leaders in our own workplaces, to celebrate our successes, and to strate­gize for what’s coming next.

WSNA Lobby Day #

2.75 CNE contact hours

Nurses are the most trusted profes­sion and make outstanding advocates. You showed that loud and clear last session – let’s build on that momentum at WSNA’s 2020 Lobby Day!

Here’s how Lobby Day works:

The morning session will be held at The Heritage Room – just down the street from the Capitol. You’ll hear the latest from WSNA staff and legis­la­tors on the 2020 session and WSNA’s prior­i­ties. You’ll receive talking points and training on meeting with legis­la­tors, and you will have time to practice what you will say when you meet with your repre­sen­ta­tives in their offices that afternoon.

On Lobby Day, after the morning session ends, you will join other nurses on the hill to meet with your legis­la­tors. Once you register, WSNA will make legisla­tive appoint­ments for you. You just need to show up!

Feb. 6, 2020, 8:30 a.m. — 4 p.m.

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive Carmen Garrison at