We met with manage­ment on April 15. They responded to some of our proposals but they have yet to deliver an economic proposal. We reached agree­ments on a few items but our bargaining team needs to see the employer’s economic proposal.

Our next sched­uled bargaining dates are May 23 – 24 and June 11.

Our negoti­ating team members are Lovella Flores, Marisela Aguilar, Lori Riojas, Cheryl Bofman and Janice Schell.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the team members.

New online Staffing Complaint / Assign­ment Despite Objec­tion (ADO) forms are here

Not getting all of your breaks? Working short staffed or staying late? Feel like you are taking an unsafe patient assign­ment? Denied earned PTO?

Yes, there is something you can do about this. Fill out a Staffing Complaint / Assign­ment Despite Objec­tion form today.

  • Nurses are standing together for safe staffing and completing a Staffing Complaint/​ADO form is the first step
  • These forms can help make things better NOW and can help gather needed data as we prepare for contract negotiations.
  • This new online form can be accessed through your phone making it simple and quick.
  • Copies of the submitted online form will automat­i­cally be sent to you, your local unit chair, co/​vice chair, staffing committee co-chairs, WSNA nurse rep and manager (if you designate).

You can find the online form at wsna​.org/ADO. For any questions, your nurse repre­sen­ta­tive is here to help. Contact WSNA Nurse Carmen Garrison, BSN, RN at cgarrrison@wsna.org or at 206 – 491-9424.