We have a Tentative Agreement on a contract! #

Your Bargaining Team has reached a Tenta­tive Agree­ment with the Hospital. The Team believes this agree­ment is a neces­sary step in light of the ongoing bankruptcy proceed­ings. The agree­ment will preserve our collec­tive voice at Sunny­side while ensuring that we have the ability to come back to the bargaining table as the hospital emerges from bankruptcy.


Expira­tion date
This short-term contract will expire on March 31, 2020. Your bargaining team did not want to commit us to a long-term contract that was negoti­ated at a time when the hospital did not have authority to negotiate wage increases. While there is no way to know with certainty when the bankruptcy proceed­ings will conclude, the best estimate is that Astria will emerge from the process around the first of the year. This agree­ment will have the parties back at the bargaining table at the time the employer regains control over its finances.

Wage Freeze
Once Astria filed for bankruptcy, the employer lost its ability to make finan­cial decisions. The hospital’s bargaining team did not have the authority to make an economic proposal. There­fore, there will be no across the board wage increases during this contract. Nurses are still eligible for step increases in accor­dance with the terms of Section 8.1.

Non-Economic Changes
The following non-economic changes will go into effect upon the ratifi­ca­tion of this agree­ment by WSNA members at Sunny­side.

Associ­a­tion Membership/​Dues Deduc­tion
WSNA nurses at Sunny­side have called for a stronger collec­tive voice. We have made proposals to the employer to give nurses a greater say in contract negoti­a­tions, staffing decisions and other policies that effect our ability to provide care to our patients. The hospital has stead­fastly rejected our proposals. The new contract will contain language that clari­fies that WSNA members should commu­ni­cate directly with WSNA, as opposed to commu­ni­cating with the employer, about WSNA member­ship status. However, strength­ening our member­ship language will be a point of emphasis in the next contract in addition to economic improve­ments.

New Hires From Astria Facil­i­ties
Nurses trans­fer­ring from other Astria facil­i­ties will have their years of service counted for the purposes of benefits. This will not affect seniority. The new language will make it easier for a nurse to transfer to Sunny­side from Regional or Toppenish.

Seniority Based Layoff Language
The new contract will remove the hospital’s current exclu­sive authority to deter­mine if a nurse is quali­fied to bump into a position on the Low Seniority Roster in the event of a layoff. This improve­ment will require the employer to make layoff decisions based exclu­sively on seniority.

Sick Leave Language Updates
The new contract will contain updates to the sick leave language to recog­nize the benefits that nurses will accrue under the Washington State Paid Sick Leave Act. Full-time and part-time nurses will not see any changes to their sick leave accruals or caps. Per diem nurses will see their statu­tory rights artic­u­lated in the contract.

Bereave­ment Leave
Bereave­ment Leave will be increased from 24 hours to 3 regular shifts (36 hours for 12-hour shift nurses).

This contract is recommended by your bargaining team. #

The VOTE to ratify this contract will occur on
October 28 from 5:30 — 8:30 p.m.
in the Class­room at the Hospital

You must be a WSNA member in good standing to vote on the contract.


Show your support of your negoti­ating team for a job well done: Lovella Flores, Janice Schell, Marisela Aguilar and Lori Riojas

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive Carmen Garrison at 206 – 491-9424 or cgarrison@wsna.org.