Quote of the quarter #

​“To be free, the workers must have choice. To have choice they must retain in their own hands the right to determine under what conditions they will work.”
– Samuel Gompers, "The Worker and the Eight-hour Workday," American Federationist: Official Magazine of the American Federation of Labor
In this issue:
  1. Officer of the Quarter 
  2. Spokane Leader­ship Summit 
  3. Did you know by being a WSNA repre­sented nurse in Spokane you are a member of the Spokane Alliance? 
  4. Negoti­a­tion updates 
  5. We are on Facebook! Upcoming events

Officer of the Quarter: Stevie Krone, RN, Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center, Local Unit Co-Chair #

My name is Stevie Lynne Krone. I am a Regis­tered Nurse at Sacred Heart Medical Center and the current WSNA Co-Chair repre­senting the nurses in the SHMC/WSNA bargaining unit. I have been a member of WSNA for over five years and have been an energetic partic­i­pant in my local unit activ­i­ties including pickets, walks and petitions. I am now serving my first term in office as we head into contract negoti­a­tions for 2018, utilizing both voice and action from my experi­ence working along­side a powerful and strong brigade of nurses. I have practiced on nearly all the units of my hospital as a Float Pool nurse and now I can dedicate more time in supporting my occupa­tional brothers and sisters as a supple­mental on the Cardiac Medical Unit.

I have also utilized my skills as a music artist to benefit and promote a sense of unity, especially with the release of my song We Are the People.”

It is my passion to serve my commu­nity with whole­some medical care as well as focus my allegiance to protect and promote the safety of the nurses that serve beside me.” 

If you are a local unit rep or a local unit officer, please contact jperkins@wsna.org to be featured in the next regional newsletter. We are constantly looking for leaders to feature!

Spokane Leadership Summit, success! #

Thanks to those of you who attended the Spokane Leader­ship Summit on April 14, 2018, at the Red Lion. Not only was it a great oppor­tu­nity to network with fellow nurses in your area, all nurses walked away with 6 CNEs. Nurses from Sacred Heart, Holy Family, Spokane Veterans Home, Spokane Regional Health District and St. Luke’s Rehab were all there. Topics that were covered: Janus vs AFSME, workplace violence and the new Staffing Law.

Thank you for your partic­i­pa­tion!

In case you missed it, there are more Summits to come! Go to www​.wsna​.org/​u​n​i​o​n​/​leadership to find out more. Regis­tra­tion incen­tives are being offered by the WSNA cabinet including a $50 reimburse­ment credit for one night’s stay. The next Summit is at Campbell’s Resort on Lake Chelan on Sept. 30-Oct. 1. Regis­tra­tion is open now

Did you know by being a WSNA represented nurse in Spokane, you’re a member of the Spokane Alliance? #

Spokane Alliance is a group of nonpar­tisan, proac­tive, everyday citizens dedicated to making Spokane a better place for all to live and thrive. You’ll find them working for change in churches and class­rooms, in living rooms and union halls, in City Hall and in Olympia.

For more than 10 years, Spokane Alliance has worked to improve public trans­porta­tion, increase job oppor­tu­ni­ties and green building require­ments among other issues. They are a non-profit supported by the dues of our member organi­za­tions, individ­uals and founda­tions. The Alliance is affil­i­ated with the Indus­trial Areas Founda­tion, a coali­tion of like-minded organi­za­tions in cities across the United States, the UK, Germany, Canada and Australia. 

At Spokane Alliance, they believe that by working together we have the power to change our commu­ni­ties for the better. And they do more than just sign petitions and protest; together, they take action. If you’re inter­ested in helping with the Spokane Alliance as a WSNA nurse, please contact jperkins@wsna.org. WSNA is actively partnering to create oppor­tu­ni­ties to help improve the commu­nity through access to medical care for patients. Visit iafnw​.org/​s​p​o​k​a​nealliance to find out more about what is currently being worked on. We can direct you on how you can help!

Negotiation updates #

Lots of work is being done by your WSNA staff and officers in the region. Get the bigger scoop:

  • St. Luke’s Rehab – 7 sessions complete. Lots of issues still on the table and we are disap­pointed at the amount of progress. There are still a lot of items to work through including wages, benefits, staffing, rest breaks and layoff language. Next day to bargain is Sept. 7. The negoti­ating team of nurses is: Fran Castillo (CVA), Linda Spurgeon (CVA) and Jonelle Polley (Infec­tion Control RN).
  • Spokane Regional Health District – currently gathering a team of nurses and prepping the contract. Surveys are complete. First day of negoti­a­tions is Sept. 6. Negoti­ating team of nurses is: Jan Yoder, RN, Melissa Charbon­neau, RN, Amy Cross, RN and Deborah Taylor, RN.
  • Provi­dence Sacred Heart Medical Center – prepa­ra­tions and bargaining will begin fall of 2018. The negoti­ating team members are: Stevie Lynn Krone (9N), KT Raley-Jones (CICU), Clint Wallace (ICU), LaDonna Reel (MB), Nonie Kingma (AGPU), Debbie Cameron (5S), Linda Clanton (IV Therapy), David Emerson (7N), Darryl Johnson (Cath Lab), Lee Ayres (PACU), Abigail Berry (OR), Vicki Benson (Radiology) and Inga Matheson (CICU).
  • Provi­dence Holy Family Hospital – recent griev­ance settle­ment for vacation/​sick accrual for FT 12-hour nurses. 
  • Pullman Regional Health District – organizing local unit reps for each unit. 
  • Provi­dence Visiting Nurses Associ­a­tion – a Tenta­tive Agree­ment has been reached. Vote is upcoming.

Have you found us on Facebook? #

Some of the WSNA local units in Spokane have Facebook pages which are kept up to date on happen­ings in labor, or within the local unit. Please take the time to like” them and check them out! This is a great way to show solidarity for your labor brothers and sisters within your region.

Upcoming events #

WSNA Coug Football Night – save the date! #

The Washington State Univer­sity Cougars take on the Eastern Washington Univer­sity Eagles on Sept. 15! WSNA nurses will receive a discounted rate on tickets, don’t miss out.

2019 Washington State Nurses Convention #

Come join us on May 1 – 3, 2019 for Washington’s only statewide conven­tion dedicated to nurses and the issues we face. We are focused on trans­forming health care through the power of nursing.