As you are aware, the meeting that was planned for us to talk directly to our top leader­ship on Monday Nov 2 was cancelled because the DOSH inves­ti­ga­tors were on our doorstep bright and early. They told us that they would be agree­able to reschedule the meeting for Wednesday, Nov. 4. We received word late yesterday that they would again need to reschedule. This time, they say, ​“we are really busy with the continued DOSH inves­ti­ga­tion, and now, the DOH require­ment for manda­tory testing”. We are looking forward to contin­uing our advocacy and demand for answers. The new Manda­tory Testing Require­ment is now added to our list.

They have now agreed to meet with us on Thursday after­noon, but only for a meeting that would include 7 – 10 staff RNs rather than the open invita­tion to the entire staff of the 7th and 4th floor.

We, the local unit leaders, are discussing a plan and selecting the RNs who will repre­sent the RN needs for all. Stay tuned and stay strong!

In Solidarity,
WSNA Local Unit Officers; Dian Davis, Allie Jones, Sally Budack, Linda Burbank, Janet Stewart, Mathew McGuire, Melissa Garcia, Liberty Bolante

Questions? Contact Barbara Friesen, WSNA Nurse Rep, 800 – 231-8482 ext. 3056.