Many of you voiced concerns about the lack of access to PPE, commu­ni­ca­tions that change day to day and diffi­culty finding infor­ma­tion about COVID. Because of the concerns about PPE, WSNA made the diffi­cult decision to file a complaint with the Depart­ment of Safety and Occupa­tional Health (DOSH). We believe the hospital and WSNA have mutual inter­ests to continue to advocate with local, state and federal leaders to provide swift and immediate access to neces­sary equip­ment and PPE to protect health-care workers.

The DOSH indus­trial hygienist will be conducting inter­views with nurses. Are you inter­ested? Do you have infor­ma­tion to share that might be helpful? As a union member, you have the right to have union repre­sen­ta­tion at the inter­view, which will take place over the phone due to restric­tions on visitors.

Your safety is our primary concern #

Your WSNA Local Unit Officers, WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive and SEIU 1199NW have been coali­tion building. We are working together to negotiate a memorandum of agree­ment with hospital admin­is­tra­tion regarding COVID-19. We want to ensure that you have protec­tions in place that address your wages and working condi­tions during this pandemic. We will continue to update you as this progresses.

Please note, the NATIONAL DISASTER decla­ra­tion may give the employer some flexi­bility in decision making, such as manda­tory overtime. Remember that your safety and patient safety are impor­tant! If you are mandated to work overtime and you are too fatigued, alert your chain of command that you must be relieved ASAP. Then complete a Staffing Concern Form (SCF) and a Staffing Complaint/​ADO form on the WSNA website: https://​www​.wsna​.org/union/ado. Both sets of forms go to the Nurse Staffing Committee Co-Chairs, your Local Unit Chair and your WSNA Nurse Rep.

If you experi­ence diffi­culty with COVID-19 in your work environ­ment, you feel you have been exposed, or you are sent home on quaran­tine, we also want to hear from you. We are working to track all instances. Please email all issues and inquiries to

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WSNA staff are observing social distancing. There­fore, we are working at home and the office is closed. We are doing our best to address and respond to your concerns that are rapidly coming in. Please continue to keep us posted so that we know what you are experi­encing at work. We need to keep each other informed and safe so we can continue to care for the people who desper­ately need us. The best way to reach your Nurse Rep is to use email.

Hanna Welander, BSN RN can be reached at (206) 575‑7979, Ext. 3035