Your negoti­a­tion team is thrilled to report that after an incred­ible turnout of nurses at the ratifi­ca­tion vote on July 6th, nurses voted overwhelm­ingly YES” on the new contract! New provi­sions of the contract are effec­tive today. However, the retro-active pay will take payroll a few weeks to process.

Thank you all for voting and showing support for the team. At the vote, nurses were given forms to donate some of their PTO hours to the team members who volun­teered over 100 hours of their own unpaid time to gain a terrific contract for every RN in the bargaining unit. If you would like to donate PTO hours (even an hour would be appre­ci­ated), please print the form and fax to Theresa Colletto & Mara Kieval by 7/21/17. Thank you for your consideration.