Your negoti­a­tion team met with your nurse repre­sen­ta­tive and attorney recently to discuss how to proceed with negoti­a­tions. Given the current finan­cial climate and social distancing not allowing us all to be together to bargain, we all agreed that the best course of action was to extend the contract for a year. Manage­ment also agreed to this as well as a 3% raise that will be retroac­tive back to March 1. We all really appre­ciate all of the volun­teers who stood up to help the team and we very much hope you all will be here with us next year to keep the fight going. We are very pleased with this outcome and hope you are as well.

Stay safe everyone!

In solidarity,

Your negoti­a­tion team:
Jonathan Chase
Andy Summers
Shanta Gervickas
Erica Ostenson
Gretchen Ruff
Dawn Marick
Didi Gray
Erin Irwin
Deb Krenzler
Melissa Smithdeal