Our negoti­a­tion team met on Friday, Feb. 28 and Monday, March 2 for our second and third session. We have met for three full days and have engaged in in-depth conver­sa­tions with manage­ment. We have committed to submit all of our proposals by our fourth negoti­a­tion meeting on March 9. We have submitted our economic proposals today and are looking forward to having all proposals on the table by the end of the day next Monday. We have reached a few tenta­tive agree­ments and are hopeful with the progress we have made thus far. We have two dates in March and are looking at a few dates in April as well. We have agreed to extend the contract for an additional 60 days while we are in negoti­a­tions. Please stay tuned for dates for another local unit meeting for a negoti­a­tion update.

In solidarity,

Your negoti­a­tion team,
Jonathan Chase
Andy Summers
Shanta Gervickas
Erica Ostenson
Gretchen Ruff
Dawn Marick
Didi Gray
Erin Irwin
Deb Krenzler
Melissa Smithdeal
Mark Bolan

Questions? Please contact WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive Mara Kieval at mkieval@wsna.org or 206 – 575-7979, ext. 3051.