Hello WSNA Nurses, #

On Monday, Feb. 3, your negoti­a­tion team met for the first time with manage­ment to begin bargaining your WSNA contract. We submitted numerous initial proposals. Manage­ment responded on several but have not yet given us their opening proposal.

We will be holding our initial local unit meeting on Feb. 11, 2020 in Audito­rium A from 3 ‑6 p.m. We will be providing refresh­ments. Along with giving you insight into our negoti­a­tion session as well as providing you infor­ma­tion on the online staffing complaint form. This form has been agreed to between WSNA and manage­ment to record any staffing concerns and/​or missed rest or meal breaks. You can find the form on your smart phone or online here: https://​www​.wsna​.org/union/ado

In solidarity,
Your negoti­a­tion team

SWWM Cgroup

From left to right:
Jonathan Chase; Tower 7, WSNA Co-Chair, griev­ance officer
Andy Summers; ICU & ED
Shanta Gervickas; ED
Erica Ostenson; MOJO 4th floor
Gretchen Ruff; OR
Dawn Marick; Resource, WSNA Greivance officer, Secre­tary Treasurer
Didi Gray; Birth Center, WSNA Co-Chair
Erin Irwin; 3 South
Deb Krenzler; Member at Lage
Melissa Smithdeal; MOJO 2nd floor; WSNA Griev­ance officer
Mark Bolan; ICU