Important information about your hours, wages and working conditions, including your right to representation as a nurse in the WSNA local unit at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center.

Contract pdf; 3.435 MB 'PHSW CBA 2017 2020'

Memoranda/Letters of Understanding

Additional agreements between WSNA and PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center.

FBC LOA pdf; 41.179 KB
LOU CES word; 36.329 KB
LOU-RNs Under .5 FTE pdf; 10.514 KB
Lou Re Floating Mbu 04 pdf; 86.727 KB
MOU WA PFL 2020 pdf; 340.747 KB
MOU-PTO Donation pdf; 31.909 KB

Local Unit Rules


2017 Vote Summary pdf; 23.778 KB
Nurse Staffing Form pdf; 240.25 KB
PTO Donation Form pdf; 54.196 KB