Your local unit leaders have been in negoti­a­tions with manage­ment in collab­o­ra­tion with the Cascade Valley Hospital nurses to reach an agree­ment that benefits the nurses during this unique pandemic crisis. You will be hearing much from leader­ship in the coming days of the negative finan­cial impact this pandemic crisis has had on the organi­za­tion as a whole. You have already received the email with antic­i­pa­tion of layoff or reduc­tion of FTE workforce within the organi­za­tion. We are SO happy to announce we have an agree­ment that will benefit the nurses! You can view the full MOU (Memorandum of Under­standing) on this page.

Summary of the MOU highlights the following benefits

  • Provi­sion of appro­priate PPE
  • Absences during this time do not count towards atten­dance discipline. 
  • Employees may volun­teer for standby unemploy­ment or Shared Work programs.
  • Utiliza­tion of Standby or Shared Work does not affect seniority.
  • Employees on Standby or Shared Work have mainte­nance of benefits and retire­ment plan
  • Volun­tary floating to Cascade hospital with additional $2 per hour.
  • Employer commit­ment to not contest any Unemploy­ment / Standby claims
  • Additional options for annual leave cash out during COVID
  • Increased access to COVID testing as well as increased prompt notifi­ca­tion of poten­tial exposure. 

Your team put in long hours on Zoom working on this for all of you and were successful in preventing the unrea­son­able demands manage­ment had wanted to impose. We are happy with this agree­ment in the current climate and are pleased to note the duration of this agree­ment is only 2 months (with an option to extend an additional 30 days depending on the COVID Crisis status). As always please reach out to a local unit officer for any questions or concerns or contact your nurse representative.