We did not achieve any tenta­tive agreements.

Our team came prepared to discuss staffing to help manage­ment fully under­stand what staff nurses are facing in their work every day. We came with real stories as well as Staffing Concern Forms. We wanted them to recog­nize how our proposals will improve patient care by addressing signif­i­cant staffing short­com­ings. We were shocked when manage­ment told us they feel that hearing the nurses concerns would not be produc­tive since they had already come up with a remedy for the Emergency Depart­ment. Manage­ment told us that they would increase the float pool by 4.8 FTEs to address staffing issues in the ED.

After a great deal of pressing by WSNA, manage­ment listened to the negoti­ating team nurses tell what has been reported to them by their colleagues. They told of under­staffing that prevented nurses from getting rest breaks and meal periods in the ED as well as the med/​surg units, the need for the triage nurse to be reinstated in the ED and the need for STAT nurses for the house. They also shared infor­ma­tion from Staffing Concern Forms which also revealed inade­quate staffing. 

Your negoti­ating team is contin­uing to press hard to get real long-term improve­ments to our staffing, but we cannot do this alone. We need your help!

What you can do to help:

  • Fill out Staffing Concern Forms every time there are staffing concerns including missed breaks.
  • Put car signs in your cars; share them broadly with commu­nity members and businesses so they can post them in support of the nurses too.
  • Donate Annual Leave to the nurses on the negoti­ating team. They are doing this impor­tant work on unpaid time for you, the patients and the community. 
    • You can get an Annual Leave Donation form from your negoti­ating team members or download a form to print yourself. Then return the form to a negoti­ating team member or mail it to WSNA.

Your WSNA nurse negoti­a­tion team:

Peter Moore (MPC), Alyssa Stirpe (Stanwood), Randi Dykstra (Case Manage­ment), Rachel Yates (MPC), Liz Rainaud (FBC), Alice Riddle (IV Therapy) and Jessica Knutzen (Float Pool)