Use the link in the header above to view or download the current contract.

Look up and read article 11.2 in the contract. This is FULL of infor­ma­tion and all you need to know (but were afraid to ask) about low census.

In a nutshell, article 11.2 tells you:

  • When low census can and will occur
  • Order of who is called off on low census
  • There is a differ­ence between Manda­tory Low Census and Volun­tary Low Census.
  • There is a 48-hour maximum CAP for manda­tory low census hours in 6 months if unit is not desig­nated as closed”.Once you reach the maximum manda­tory low census hours in the six-month period of time, you can antic­i­pate they will find work for you to do.
  • There is a log of everyone on your unit’s low census hours and should show volun­tary and manda­tory (but may only record the mandatory).
  • Manda­tory low census MUST be divided equally among the nurses.
  • Any employee can request at any time to look at that log and make sure the numbers are in align­ment with your own records. Managers, sched­ulers and charge nurses usually have access to this log.
  • LOW CENSUS STANDBY has special pay consid­er­a­tions attached to that.

It is critical that individ­uals be aware of where they are in their low census total hours. The log must be updated and kept current to the DAY as this will affect the call off order. If nurse A has less hours of manda­tory low census than nurse b, Nurse A will be sent home. Low Census should NOT be sched­uled in advance. It should be a daily decision and based on the cumula­tive changing low census hours totals.

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to:

  1. Log your own manda­tory and volun­tary low census hours. (calendar, phone etc)
  2. Request to see the low census log and make sure the hours are recorded correctly.
  3. Be VERY clear when asked about low census whether you are taking manda­tory or voluntary. 

If you have concerns or questions please email to your nurse repre­sen­ta­tive Sue Dunlap or contact one of your execu­tive team officers listed below.

In solidarity,

Liz Rainaud MSN, RN – Local Unit Chair:
Jessica Googe RN — Secre­tary
Hannah Guy BSN RN Treasurer
Kristi Perez RN CMSRN Secre­tary / Griev­ance Officer
Cheryl Pedersen RN – Griev­ance Officer
Rachel Yates RN – Co-Member­ship
Sue Dunlap MSN, RN, COS‑C WSNA Nurse Representative