Proposed Memorandum of Understanding regarding an independent transport team #

During our last contract negoti­a­tions, we agreed that we would bargain over the terms of an indepen­dent trans­port team should Children’s decide to create such a team. Children’s informed WSNA that they intended to create an indepen­dent trans­port team and we are pleased to announce that, after four hard days of bargaining, we have reached an agree­ment on a proposed MOU which: 

  1. Estab­lishes an indepen­dent trans­port team. 
  2. Creates a $4.00 per hour premium for all members of the indepen­dent trans­port team. 
  3. Requires that indepen­dent trans­port team members receive training and orien­ta­tion so that they are able to perform the assigned duties safely and indepen­dently. The orien­ta­tion and training compo­nents will be depen­dent on the nurse’s previous experi­ence and will include rotations in various critical care units depending on the nurse’s prior experience.. 
  4. Estab­lishes monthly meetings between WSNA and Children’s for a period of one year to review and update the trans­port program and to discuss issues affecting nurse members of the trans­port team and other concerns related to trans­port, including orien­ta­tion, training, quality of care and recruit­ment and retention. 

Children’s intends to phase out the current trans­port team model whereby NICU nurses who perform trans­ports receive $100 per day for each day they perform one or more trans­ports. During the transi­tion period such nurses will continue to receive the $100 per day stipend for trans­ports, but are not eligible for the $4.00 per hour premium. Nurses who are hired into the indepen­dent trans­port team will receive a $4.00 per hour premium, but not the $100 per day stipend. Feel free to contact Travis Elmore, WSNA nurse repre­sen­ta­tive, at 206 – 575-7979x3117 or if you have questions.

In Solidarity,

Edna Cortez, Chair­person — Auditing; Lindsey Kirsch – ED; Cyndie Juarez – ALNW; Joelle Guthrie – Ground Trans­port; Patti Rossie – Ground Trans­port; Judith Rollins – Ground Trans­port; Travis Elmore, WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive at 1 (800) 231‑8482, ext. 3117 or

Ballots must be received by Feb. 12, 2018!

We recom­mend a yes’ vote!