Your team wanted to update you on what we know about the OR closures and low census situa­tions. WSNA has been in touch with the hospital and the following is what our under­standing is regarding the closure. This applies to all units, not just the OR, which are affected by the closures. 

  • If there is a low census need related to the OR closures, the hospital will look for avail­able work for those nurses. If there is no work avail­able, nurses will receive admin pay. A nurse will accrue benefits – annual leave, sick, or any other contrac­tual benefits on those hours. 
  • If there is work, a nurse can accept it. Keep in mind in floating situa­tions, proper orien­ta­tion must occur. If a nurse declines, he/​she will not be eligible for admin pay but can take no-pay (if currently in the plan), elect to be unpaid or use annual leave. Not everyone is currently eligible for no-pay but contract changes are taking effect on Jan 1 that we just bargained. Those nurses who have enrolled for Jan 1 start date will be able to start utilizing the no-pay provi­sion at that time. Keep in mind that FMLA eligi­bility is based on hours worked. Any pay such as admin pay, no-pay protec­tion, annual leave, etc. do not count towards FMLA eligibility. 

Please contact one of your local unit officers or nurse rep if you have questions or if you believe you have not been correctly compensated. 

In solidarity, your officers — Edna Cortez, Lindsey Kirsch, Nancy Wilder, Sonja Kvamme, Maria Sixto, Diane Gates, Kara Yates

Sara Frey JD BSN RN 206 – 575-7979, ext. 3039