WSNA has negoti­ated a Memorandum of Under­standing which deals with the current OR closures and poten­tial lack of work. The MOU applies to all nurses affected by the OR closure. The MOU provides for several things. First, it allows nurses to work at other facil­i­ties as Children’s employees and identi­fies some expec­ta­tions around that work. This is limited to only certain depart­ments who are providing support for patients who are having surgeries at several other area hospi­tals. WSNA has been asked several times about whether or not nurses need insur­ance when they do this. WSNA highly recom­mends that ALL nurses carry liability insur­ance at ALL times. Most insur­ances provide liability coverage, licen­sure defense coverage and HIPAA coverage.

The MOU provides that nurses will have a guarantee of work or pay if no work is avail­able. In order to take advan­tage of this provi­sion, one must accept assigned work. The hospital must adhere to floating language in the contract such as the training language. If a nurse turns down the other work, then he or she can utilize their no-pay protec­tion bank if avail­able and are part of the plan, can elect to not be paid at all or may use his or her annual leave.

Finally, per diems will be guaran­teed at least 16 hours of work or if no work is avail­able, will be paid per above. This is per pay period.

Please read the MOU for full details. It is posted on this site under contracts and documents or you can use the button below.

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive Sara Frey, JD, BSN, RN at or 206 – 575-7979, ext. 3039.