We, your bargaining team, met with manage­ment on July 17, 2019 for session number 5.

Paid leave and benefits package — we heard your numerous concerns regarding Children’s Paid Leave and Benefit package. We passed a counter proposal to management’s paid leave and benefit proposal with a number of provi­sions that are respon­sive to the concerns you all have raised including but not limited to:

  • Increased caps on accrual banks
  • Rejected cost sharing for insur­ance premiums
  • Nurses be allowed to retain their currently accrued sick time until utilized
  • Reten­tion of current vacation banks for 2 years from the date of ratifi­ca­tion to give nurses a reason­able oppor­tu­nity to use it prior to a cash out
  • Service recog­ni­tion – 8 hours deposited to the holiday bank each year, every year, after 20 years of service 
  • Accrual of banks based on hours worked, not based on FTE
  • WSNA’s proposal is tied to wages of 8% / 7% / 7% — Similar to manage­ment, we believe the accep­tance of this package should be tied to higher wages.

We have numerous other proposals on the table and are waiting on responses from management:

Parking – Nurses expressed concerns about parking rates, access to parking and shuttle service. Our most recent proposal includes an agree­ment to not raise parking rates over the life of the contract.

Mileage and time – We have a proposal asking for those who are relocated to other facil­i­ties to be paid for both their time and travel. Nurses are often invol­un­tarily relocated from their facility to other facil­i­ties miles away and on their own time. This causes some to lose pay when they cannot make it to the new location prior to the start of the shift. Nurses need to be compen­sated when they are incur­ring expenses and time on behalf of Children’s.

Shift differ­en­tial – We have a proposal to add $.50 /​hr for those staying on evening or night shift for 2 years and beyond. This is intended to encourage experi­enced nurses to stay on the off ‑shifts to support newer nurses.

Baylor nurses – WSNA has proposed that when Children’s changes a Baylor plan nurse’s schedule due to a holiday or training, they should be paid as if they worked their consec­u­tive weekend shift and not incur a loss of wages.

Shift rotation – Shift rotation should be by mutual agree­ment only.

On-call/­S­tandby compen­sa­tion – Increase in On-call compen­sa­tion from $4 to $4.25 and an extra $5/​hr after 30 hours of call. Addition­ally, with worsening traffic and commute times, increase to a 2‑hour window to report.

Unsched­uled patient care provi­sions – to include Clinical Consulting Nurses who are currently omitted from this overtime provision.

Float premium – to capture a partic­ular group of nurses who have been excluded from the float premium yet are acting as float nurses.

Trans­port team – to include Children’s employed Airlift NW nurses who are doing the same work as the trans­port team in the trans­port premium provision.

Commu­ni­cable diseases – to pay nurses who are required by Childrens to stay home due to exposure of a commu­ni­cable disease. Nurses should not have to use their vacation or sick time due to an exposure at work.

Staffing – We have proposed improve­ments to the current staffing language. Our proposal includes, but is not limited to, provi­sions that require Children’s to provide staffing levels to allow for meal and rest breaks, vacations, and to refrain from giving patient assign­ments to charge nurses so they are free to perform their charge nurse duties.

Violence in the workplace – We have proposed language regarding workplace violence. Nurses do not come to work expecting to be assaulted or placed in harm’s way by individ­uals who are threat­ening or carrying out violent acts. Our language seeks to enhanced security, involve­ment in the safety committee and a provi­sion to provide pay when nurses are injured as a result of an act of workplace violence.

No-pay protec­tion – We have proposed that the no-pay protec­tion provi­sion apply to all nurses. We have also updated the MOU to reflect the new manda­tory overtime laws which go into effect on Jan 1, 2020 which place new restric­tions on how pre-sched­uled call can be utilized. The new law prohibits pre-sched­uled call from being used to address regular changes in patient census or acuity, expected increases in the number of employees not reporting for prede­ter­mined sched­uled shifts (ie. sick calls, vacation, leaves, etc.).

Got breaks? — Just a reminder that if you do not get an uninter­rupted rest or meal period, you should clock out that you missed it. If your manager removes the clocking, please contact WSNA or one of your officers immedi­ately. Even if the unit was well-staffed there are reasons why a nurse may not get his or her break and the hospital MUST pay for time worked.

Come see us!! – Members of your WSNA negoti­a­tion team will be hosting cafeteria/​Starbucks time. Stop by, ask questions about negoti­a­tions, share your comments concerns:

  • July 30 at the River entrance Starbucks from 2:30– 6 pm.
  • July 31 at the Ocean 7 Cafeteria from noon – 3 pm

Reminder – Do we have your current private (not work) email address? That is the fastest way to receive timely updates. Please contact our Nurse Rep to update this infor­ma­tion if there has been a change or if we don’t have your email address. Remember, WSNA is your resource for all questions related to negoti­a­tions and other contract matters.

Please contact Local Unit Chair Edna Cortez (ednapcortez722@gmail.com), one of your negoti­a­tion team members or WSNA Nurse Rep Sara Frey (sfrey@wsna.org), if you have questions or comments.

In solidarity, your 2019 WSNA negoti­a­tion team — Edna Cortez (PACU), Lindsey Kirsch (ED), Diane Gates (PICU), Nancy Wilder (PACU), Ross Beaulau­rier (Surgical RC5), Samantha Forte (Acute Care Float), Eliza­beth Gideon (Rehab), Shaina Lawson (NICU), Sarah Munro (Bellevue Surg Center), Jennifer Pease (Bellevue Surg. Center), Maria Sixto (Airlift NW), Kara Yates (Medical).