We met today for our 10th bargaining session. While we reached some tenta­tive agree­ments on a few subjects, we are still far apart on other matters including wages. The hospital’s most recent proposal demon­strated very little movement at 2.75%/2.5%/2.0%. WSNA is advocating for wages that attract and retain nurses and takes into account the costs and challenges of living the greater Seattle area. We are currently proposing 4.5%/4.5%/4%.

We under­stand that a recent commu­ni­ca­tion released by the hospital caused further confu­sion regarding benefits. WSNA has not agreed to health insur­ance premium cost sharing. 

Addition­ally, we under­stand there are individ­uals who still have questions related to the employ­er’s Time Away from Work program. To this end, WSNA believes conver­sa­tions related to specific concerns are the best way to address individual questions, since benefits are a very compli­cated subject. Please note that the annual leave you accrue under Article 10.1 and the sick leave you accrue under 11.1 will continue into the next contract. We will also be holding more sessions for nurses to meet with officers to have their questions answered and to share any comments or concerns. 

We have also heard from some nurses about a desire to have short term disability benefits. We would like to remind everyone that the Washington State Paid Family and Medical Leave Act goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2020 and will provide up to a $1000 /​week for 12 weeks or more, including bonding time. This state-admin­is­tered program is designed to provide short term leave benefits. Please visit https://​www​.paidleave​.wa​.gov/workers for more infor­ma­tion about this program.

2019 09 12 CHILD cafe time

Reminder – make sure we have your current private (not work) email address. That is the fastest way to receive timely updates. Please contact your Nurse Rep to update this infor­ma­tion if there has been a change or if we don’t have your email address. If we have your current email and you are still not receiving updates, you may need to change your email settings to allow emails from WSNA to go to your inbox. If you are still not receiving emails, please contact WSNA and ask for the member­ship depart­ment. You can also view WSNA updates on the WSNA Children’s page. Remember, WSNA is your resource for all questions related to negoti­a­tions and other contract matters.

Please contact Edna Cortez, Local unit chair (ednapcortez722@gmail.com), one of your negoti­a­tion team members or your WSNA nurse rep, Sara Frey (sfrey@wsna.org), if you have questions or comments.

In solidarity,
your 2019 WSNA negoti­a­tion team — Edna Cortez (PACU), Lindsey Kirsch (ED), Diane Gates (PICU), Nancy Wilder (PACU), Ross Beaulau­rier (Surgical RC5), Samantha Forte (Acute Care Float), Eliza­beth Gideon (Rehab), Shaina Lawson (NICU), Sarah Munro (Bellevue Surg Center), Jennifer Pease (Bellevue Surg. Center), Maria Sixto (Airlift NW), Kara Yates (Medical)

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive Sara Frey, JD, BSN, RN, at sfrey@wsna.org or 206 – 575-7979, Ext. 3039.