What you need to know! #

The team would like to thank all the nurses who showed up in force for our July 8 local unit meeting. We met with manage­ment for our 4th negoti­a­tion session on July 11, 2019. We reached a number of tenta­tive agree­ments including increasing charge nurse pay from $2.75 to $3.25 for regular charge nurses and from $2.00 to $2.25 for relief charge nurses, increasing preceptor pay from $1.50/hr to $3.00/hr, changing overtime language to reflect current law which restricts how overtime is assigned and Just Cause protec­tion for per diems. We continued to discuss issues such as parking, being reassigned to various work sites and no-pay provi­sions as well as other topics. We did not discuss the benefits package or wages today.

We have heard loud and clear from many of you about signif­i­cant concerns you have around many aspects of your employer’s paid leave, benefit and wage proposal. If you have comments about the benefits package, please feel free to email your Local Unit Chair, Edna Cortez and or your nurse rep, Sara Frey. Our next session is Wednesday, July 17, 2019.

People have asked for a copy of the tables that were presented at our July 8 meeting. We have posted those in the Contract & Documents section of this site.

Remember, WSNA is your resource for all questions related to negoti­a­tions and other contract matters. Please contact Local Unit Chair Edna Cortez (ednapcortez722@gmail.com), one of your negoti­a­tion team members or WSNA Nurse Rep Sara Frey (sfrey@wsna.org), if you have questions or comments.

In solidarity,
your 2019 WSNA negoti­a­tion team — Edna Cortez (PACU), Lindsey Kirsch (ED), Diane Gates (PICU), Nancy Wilder (PACU), Ross Beaulau­rier (Surgical RC5), Samantha Forte (Acute Care Float), Eliza­beth Gideon (Rehab), Shaina Lawson (NICU), Sarah Munro (Bellevue Surg Center), Jennifer Pease (Bellevue Surg. Center), Maria Sixto (Airlift NW), Kara Yates (Medical)