WSNA would like to thank you all for your hard work during this diffi­cult and unprece­dented emergency. We know everyone is being affected in one way or another. Your Nurse Rep, Sara Frey, and Local Unit Chair, Edna Cortez, continue to meet with manage­ment twice a week to discuss concerns, issues and other matters related your work at the hospital. If you have concerns about PPE, sched­ules, floating, etc. we especially want to hear from you so we can advocate for you.

We are contin­uing to work on securing an MOU that provides guidance and assur­ances during this diffi­cult time. In response to concerns raised by the Hospital, your Local Unit leader­ship modified our proposal and presented our offer on Friday April 11. As of this writing, we have not received a response from the Hospital. We will continue to press them to address the very real concerns we are hearing from SCH nurses.

COVID Screening Lines – WSNA believes you are entitled to be paid starting at the time you are required to arrive at the line to be screened. You should edit your time care to reflect this time you arrived for work. If you have not been paid correctly, please contact your nurse rep ASAP. We are proceeding with a griev­ance at this time in order to address this matter. If manage­ment asks you to stop submit­ting time card correc­tions for time spent in line, follow that direc­tive, but please keep track of your time.

Virtual meetings – We have heard from some nurses that they have been required to come to campus for in-person meetings. Per our conver­sa­tion with manage­ment today, it is our under­standing is that all meetings are being held virtu­ally at this time. If you are asked to come to campus, please first reach out to your chain of command and if you are unable to obtain virtual access for the meeting, please contact WSNA.

Cleaning of PPE – WSNA is hearing from nurses that the wipes that are being used to clean PPE are believed to be causing headaches for some. If you experi­ence diffi­culty with this or other problems with cleaning products or PPE, the hospital is asking that you fill out an E‑Feedback so this can be tracked and addressed. WSNA is asking that you also please fill out an ADO.

Should I refuse an assign­ment? The infor­ma­tion link below provides infor­ma­tion related to PPE however, it can be applied to other situa­tions such lack of training or experi­ence when asked to float, etc. Please review this infor­ma­tion so you can be prepared in the event you face an unsafe situa­tion where you may need to consider refusing an assignment.

Sign the petition to demand our employers and our govern­ment provide the resources, support and safe working condi­tions we need to keep our members safe.

Looking for unit repre­sen­ta­tives
We are looking for WSNA unit repre­sen­ta­tives for your units. If you currently serve in this role or want to become a unit rep please contact your Member­ship Coordi­na­tors: Kara Yates at and/​or Nancy Wilder at, Edna Cortez, Local Unit Chair or your Nurse Rep, Sara Frey at

A unit rep is the point person for your specific unit for WSNA. The unit rep works with the WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive and your elected WSNA officers to act as the eyes and ears of the unit. They report issues and concerns to leader­ship and get out messages to their co-workers. The unit rep is also respon­sible for ensuring their coworkers under­stand and fill out ADO forms, and provide direc­tion to an officer or nurse rep for contract questions. They may also be asked to help update bulletin boards, and help facil­i­tate organizing actions around the facility.

If you have any questions, please contact WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive Sara Frey at or WSNA Co-Chair Edna Cortez at or 206 – 387-6748.