WSNA is hearing reports that some individ­uals who are sent home due to commu­ni­cable disease exposure are being told they will be required to use their sick leave. This is not true for nurses covered by the WSNA contract. We negoti­ated new language during our last negoti­a­tions that protects your accrued leaves and requires Children’s to pay you what you would have earned had you worked:

13.16 Exposure to Commu­ni­cable Disease — A nurse who the Employer does not permit to work due to exposure to commu­ni­cable disease while performing their job at the Employ­er’s facil­i­ties shall be placed in paid leave status with no loss of pay or accrued time off until the Employer permits the nurse to return to work.

Please contact your WSNA Nurse Rep ASAP if you are required to use your own leave. Sara Frey — or 206.575.7979 ext. 3039.