Your team is working for you! #

Your WSNA Local Unit Chair Edna Cortez and Nurse Rep Sara Frey are in active discus­sions with Seattle Children’s about the COVID crisis and its impact on nurses. Our primary concerns are the protec­tions of nurses’ safety and liveli­hoods during this crisis. Currently, we are engaging in a 30-minute phone call with your CNO and HR every Tuesday and Friday to discuss what is going on and to share concerns about issues we are hearing. 

Low Census / No Pays – To date, the hospital has refused to engage with WSNA on the MOU we were seeking which in part, would provide other work or admin­is­tra­tive pay if there is no other work. This is very disap­pointing. Please review this infor­ma­tion for state benefits that you might be eligible for and apply as soon as possible as we antic­i­pate that many workers around the state will be in the same position. It will likely take some time to process claims. If you have questions about the various state benefits, you should ask the state for assis­tance in deter­mining what you are eligible for.


Travel and quaran­tine – WSNA is aware that a number of nurses were forced to stay home after travel to foreign countries that were not identi­fied as level 3 category by the CDC. Nurses were also forced to draw from their leave banks. Children’s has confirmed they are not willing to pay nurses admin­is­tra­tive leave related to this direc­tive. WSNA filed a griev­ance on March 24, 2020 on your behalf. If you were affected by this mandate and have not done so already, please contact your nurse rep and provide the dates you missed shifts.

Exposure to commu­ni­cable disease – Were you forced to stay home as a result of a poten­tial exposure in the workplace? The hospital is refusing to abide by the contract language in 13.16 which provides for admin­is­tra­tive pay when the hospital does not permit [a nurse] to work due to exposure to commu­ni­cable disease while performing their job at the Employ­er’s facil­i­ties.” WSNA has filed a griev­ance on March 24, 2020 for those affected. If you have been affected by this, please email your nurse rep with the dates you were required to stay home. 

Screening lines – We continue to hear concerns about the length of the screening lines and lack of social distancing as nurses report to work. Please note, time spent in these lines must be paid. Please edit your time card to account for any required time spent in a line. If the hospital refuses to pay, please contact your nurse rep ASAP. 

I’m being placed at risk — Nurses are contin­uing to inquire about condi­tions that place them at serious risk. Please review this infor­ma­tion: https://​www​.wsna​.org/​n​e​w​s​/​2​0​2​0​/​n​u​r​s​e​s​-​f​a​c​i​n​g​-​a​b​n​o​r​m​a​l​l​y​-​d​a​n​g​e​r​o​u​s​-​p​a​t​i​e​n​t​-​c​a​r​e​-​a​ssignments

Child Care Avail­able for Health Care Workers — WSNA continues to work with state and local govern­ment leaders on providing child care to health care providers during this declared emergency.

Thank you to those of you who completed WSNA’s child care survey – we have shared results with the Governor’s Office, King County Executive’s Office, and Seattle Mayor’s Office. Having direct infor­ma­tion about your child care needs helps inform everyone working together to find solutions.

Child care for health care workers is avail­able through a network of providers being coordi­nated by Seattle Public Schools. Avail­able slots are currently full, although the Office of Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan has told WSNA that more slots will be opening later this week – they encourage you to get on the waiting list now if you might want to take advan­tage of this option. While these child care options currently require payment by individual families, the Mayor’s Office is working on poten­tial funding options so this child care may be subsi­dized at some point in the near future. We will keep you informed of progress on those efforts.

Please let us know what you are experi­encing, what you need us to know and how we can help you get through this increas­ingly challenging pandemic.

Please contact your nurse rep at or 206.575.7979 ext. 3039.

Thank you all for the work you do.

In Solidarity,
Your local unit officers Edna Cortez, Diane Gates, Doris Taylor, Samantha Forte, Amy Sorensen, Lindsey Kirsch, Maria Sixto, Nancy Wilder, Kara Yates
Sara Frey JD BSN RN – 206.575.7979 ext. 3039