Association Group Grievance
PTO/EIB Accrual Rates Issue
Grievance # 20 – 05-0066 #

In May, WSNA filed a group griev­ance on behalf of the nurses at Sacred Heart to remedy the situa­tion that some nurses were not receiving adequate accrual rates of PTO and EIT according to the contract. Congrat­u­la­tions on your WIN SHMC nurses! It has been deter­mined that there was, in fact, an error in the amount of time being accrued for full-time RNs (1.0 and .9 12-hr shifts). This error occurred on March 15, when the system was updated to account for the PTO Safe Sick time.

Because of this griev­ance, SHMC did a full audit on all full time RNs’ timecards from 3/15/20 – 7/4/20 to deter­mine who may not have received full accruals. For those nurses for whom it was found they were short, they should see a change to their impacted banks (PTO, EIB, and PTO Safe Sick) as of July 31.

What do you need to do? 

  • FIRST — Check your Aug. 7 pay stub, as this is the check the adjust­ments will be reflected on if you are impacted by this settle­ment. According to Manage­ment, there won’t be a specific entry to look for on the pay stub showing the actual adjust­ment-just the corrected balance. If you want to see the actual adjust­ment, you will need to go in through Employee Self Service to see the retro. You can also email WSNA Nurse Rep. Jaclyn Perkins to set up a time and discuss your changes.
  • SECOND – We have been told the Kronos program­ming can not be changed to automat­i­cally provide the full accrual rate. Managers have been given infor­ma­tion on the coding process. We recom­mend following up with your Manager ASAP seeking this infor­ma­tion, so you don’t lose out on any time moving forward.
  • THIRD In the event you feel your accrual rates are still not correct, you must notify your Nurse Rep by no later than Aug. 21, 2020. In the event we DO NOT hear from you, we will assume the issue has resolved itself.

Because of nurses like you who move into action when a situa­tion is not right, this win is a victory widespread. Way to stand strong and be united SHMC Nurses!

Questions? Email WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive, Jaclyn Perkins BSN, RN at