WSNA recogĀ­nizes that wages play an imporĀ­tant part in job satisĀ­facĀ­tion, and we continue to fight on your behalf to guarantee fair wages. We recently had a win for our Reserve nurses in regard to their pay premiums, as well as reaching an agreeĀ­ment on back pay for these nurses.

Following the merger of the two contracts on January 1, 2020, reserve nurses were guaranĀ­teed certain premiums, including standby, callback, shift differĀ­enĀ­tials, weekend premiums, and certiĀ­fiĀ­caĀ­tion pay.

WSNA recogĀ­nized the loss of the other premiums previĀ­ously offered to reserve nurses and we have fought to get those premiums back. We secured two additional premiums for reserve nurses:

  1. IncenĀ­tive pay of $10/ hour
  2. Daily Floating pay of $1.50/ hour

We were also able to reach agreeĀ­ment on Float Pool Premium, Charge Nurse premium, as well as double time for all hours worked after 12 hours. This agreeĀ­ment did require a comproĀ­mise, as UW did not want to continue these premiums moving forward, but they have agreed to pay these premiums for all hours worked between the dates of Jan 1, 2020 and April 16, 2020.

Back pay should be applied to the pay period starting May 10, so please check your pay stubs for those additions!

Brenda Balogh
WSNA Nurse Representative