NW hospital has indicated that they wish to switch to a self-sched­uling model stating it will cut down on balancing” the schedule each time. Nurses would submit prefer­ences however, manage­ment would still have to balance the schedule depending on those selec­tions and there would be no guarantee one would receive their prefer­ences. There may be advan­tages with each system depending on an individual’s prefer­ences and situa­tion. Some examples might be that with a set pattern, you know in advance what your schedule will be so there is more predictability. With self-sched­uling you may have more flexi­bility but less predictability with each schedule. WSNA has demanded to bargain over this matter. Please assist us in this matter by taking this very short survey.

Questions? Please contact one of the local unit officers or WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive Sara Frey, sfrey@wsna.org.