After WSNA pushed for wage equity during our recent contract negoti­a­tions, Kindred has belat­edly agreed to credit RNs for years of experi­ence as a nurse (not just Kindred years), and presented the Union with a compre­hen­sive proposal earlier this month. However, Kindred has declined to extend the offer to per diem nurses unless they join as full-time or part-time employees. The Union will continue to push Kindred to work toward true wage equity, and this mid-term proposal repre­sents a step.

The Union bargaining team recom­mends a yes” vote on this good, but not perfect, proposal. Please contact your Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive, Sam Scholl with questions.

What: Vote on a proposed wage increase
Where: Outside at Kindred’s entrance
When: Thursday, Jan 21 from 0645 – 0745 and 1845 – 1945

What would change:

  1. Full time and Part Time nurses wages will be moved to the appro­priate place on the hiring grid that matches their acute care years nursing experi­ence, if they are not already there. 1 year acute care experi­ence is given for every two years in sub-acute or outside the US experi­ence, or as an LPN.
  2. Assuming Union members ratify this proposal, increases will be retroac­tive to 1/13/2021
  3. Per diems who switch to full time or part time status in 2021 and remain in that status for 6 months will also be placed on the appro­priate step on the hiring grid, if applic­able, done as part of this proposal. Per diems will lose any increase if they switch back to per diem status during the 6 month period.

In Solidarity,
Sam Scholl BSN, RN
Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive