At Good Samar­itan Hospital, regis­tered nurses are reporting lack of access to proper PPE including N95 respi­ra­tors as well as lack of training on using PPE. WSNA believes that these RN working condi­tions are not best practices and put the health and safety of RNs at risk. On behalf of the bargaining unit members at Good Samar­itan Hospital, WSNA has filed a complaint with the Washington State Depart­ment of Labor & Indus­tries Division of Occupa­tional Safety and Health. WSNA’s DOSH complaint includes the following: 

The employer has failed to furnish to each of his or her employees a place of employ­ment free from recog­nized hazards that are causing or likely to cause serious injury or death to his or her employees, in viola­tion of RCW 49.17.060.

The employer has failed to do every­thing reason­ably neces­sary to protect the life and safety of employees, in viola­tion of WAC 296 – 155-040(2) which states: You must require safety devices, furnish safeguards, and you must adopt and use practices, methods, opera­tions, and processes which are reason­ably adequate to render such employ­ment and place of employ­ment safe. You must do every­thing reason­ably neces­sary to protect the life and safety of employees.” 

The employer has failed to provide and maintain, at the employer’s expense, personal protec­tive equip­ment whenever physical contact, adsorp­tion, or inhala­tion of a hazard could cause injury or impair­ment to employees, in viola­tion of WAC 296 – 155-200(1)(a) and (b) which states: You must use personal protec­tive equip­ment (PPE) wherever physical contact, absorp­tion, or inhala­tion of a hazard could cause any injury or impair­ment to the function of any part of the body.… You must maintain PPE in a sanitary and reliable condition.”

The employer is in viola­tion of WAC 296 – 126-094, the General Duty Clause which states: It shall be the respon­si­bility of every employer to maintain condi­tions within the work place environ­ment that will not endanger the health, safety or welfare of employees. All facil­i­ties, equip­ment, practices, methods, opera­tions and proce­dures shall be reason­ably adequate to protect employees’ health, safety and welfare.

If you have any questions about this complaint, feel free to reach out to Travis Elmore, WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive, at or 206 – 575-7979 ext. 3117.

In Solidarity,

Travis Elmore WSNA Nurse Representative 

Local Unit Chair, Cheryll Howe – Family Birth 

Local Unit Treasurer, Aaron Bradley – Pallia­tive Care 

Local Unit Griev­ance Officer, Dawn Morrel – Cath Lab 

Local Unit Secre­tary, Christina Swan – Family Birth