Be on the lookout for your "Ratification Pay" premium: #

As part of our negoti­ated contract agree­ment, all RNs working at Evergreen­Health on the date of ratifi­ca­tion (June 20, 2019) will be entitled to a Ratifi­ca­tion Pay bonus equal to 3% of their total income earned between January 1, 2019 and June 29, 2019. This pay is slated to show up on your August 2 paycheck. This delay is due to the amount of calcu­la­tions required to deter­mine each payout and the ability to get this on to the next pay check cycle. Thanks for your patience!

This bonus was the result of a long-fought battle with manage­ment over money your team felt strongly all regis­tered nurses were entitled to as a result of our drawn-out negoti­a­tions.

It is also impor­tant to note that you will be receiving a 3% raise increase as of June 30, 2019. This too will be reflected in the first full pay period following this date. For questions or concerns about this raise and how it impacts your wages, please contact WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive Ed Zercher at

Your Safe Staffing Committee is hard at work! #

In the wake of new laws that bolster hospital staffing commit­tees around the state, WSNA is working hard to make a differ­ence at Evergreen­Health. Your team will soon consist of repre­sen­ta­tives from all of the units around the hospital. All repre­sen­ta­tives must be WSNA members in good standing.

Look for Nomina­tion forms to be sent out over the next several weeks that allow you to nominate yourself or a colleague. The goal of this committee is to review staffing ratios around the house, make recom­men­da­tions to the CEO for accep­tance or change, and review all staffing complaint forms to ensure that the employer is committed to resolving these rather than just catego­rizing each one as an anomaly.

This is a two-hour montly meeting that is paid time for all RNs in atten­dance.

Once we have a full compli­ment of nomina­tions from all the units, the WSNA LU leader­ship will elect an RN from each unit.

Be on the lookout for a nomina­tion form coming soon.

Get involved today and make a difference!

RWAs in Home Health and Hospice #

For RNs working in Evergreen­Health Home Health and Hospice, you are likely familiar with the RWAs.

RWA stands for Reduced Work Assign­ment” form that allows an RN working beyond their regular shift on any given day, to request those hours be credited as time off on another day. The employer has two weeks to arrange the time off before having to pay that time worked beyond the regularly sched­uled shift at overtime rate of pay (time plus one half).

This RWA form is now avail­able to both Part Time and Full Time RNs working in Home Health and Hospice.

It is impor­tant to fill out an RWA request every time that you work additional hours beyond your regularly sched­uled shift on any given day. Failing to do so will only pay you those hours as straight time worked. It is vital to fill out an RWA and an ADO (this is the WSNA form titled Assign­ment Despite Objection/​Staffing Complaint Form) every time you miss a break, miss a lunch or find yourself in a position where staffing is inappro­priate. These forms are discussed during our Confer­ence Committee meeting.

You can fill out and submit an ADO online.

Upcoming Education Events: #

HEALWA monthly educa­tional webinar — HEALWA is hosting FREE monthly webinars in 2019. Learn how to set up your free access to the HEALWA collec­tion, observe best practices for finding reliable and current evidence-based infor­ma­tion in HEALWA’s databases, e‑books and full-text journals — all while earning 1 CNE credit! Next sessions are July 10 and August 15.

Take the manda­tory Suicide Preven­tion Course hosted by the Seattle Children’s Hospital. Jul 15, 2019, 8 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. or October 21, 2019, 8 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. . More infor­ma­tion is avail­able on the WSNA educa­tion page.

Take the Trach­Safe Emergency Airway Manage­ment course — This five-hour course will educate health­care profes­sionals to prepare, practice and prevent airway emergen­cies in a child with a tracheostomy.

Thanks again to all the RNs that turned out to vote on a great contract that will be in effect until October 31, 2021!

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive Ed Zercher at or 206 – 575-7979, ext. 3022.