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We presented proposals which include language promoting safe and effec­tive staffing, and a wage increase which is compet­i­tive and encour­ages recruit­ment and reten­tion. Our next bargaining session is on Tuesday, Oct. 16. It’s time to bust out your WSNA swag – WSNA water bottles, buttons, badge pulls, etc.!

If you or your unit would like to find out how to support your negoti­a­tion team, please contact one of us at any time!

In Solidarity,

Clarise Mahler, Chair (CCU); hapilark@gmail.com
Debbie Pronk, Griev­ance Officer (PACU); dppbee@gmail.com
Jomay Ruiz, Secretary/​Treasurer (FMC); ruiz.jomay@gmail.com
Linda Snyder, Member­ship Officer (7 Silver); lsnyder1@eastern.edu
Val Artamonova, Member­ship Officer (Home Hospice); valeriya.art@gmail.com
Jessica Taylor – 6 Silver; Neelam Kaur – 4 Silver; Holly Baker – ED; Lexi Overa – ED; Beth Selander – OR; Caine Ballew – Float Pool; Charina Alvarez – PACU; Theresa Blazer – FMC; Kathy Silvas – NICU/​Peds; Ryan O’Neill-Hawkins – CCU; Alicia O’Neal — Hospice Care Center; Rebecca Roop-Kharasch – Home Health; and Terri Williams, MS, RN; WSNA Nurse Rep (twilliams@wsna.org)