CHI Franciscan Rehabilitation Hospital

Good news!

You have ratified your first contract.

Nurses turned out in record numbers Tuesday, Jan. 28 to sign up for membership and cast ballots for your first contract between CHI Franciscan Rehab Hospital and WSNA. Your negotiating team, Anna Pyfrom and Heather Wantz, put their hearts and souls into achieving the very best contract for you. Their steadfast dedication to all of you was very clear as they carefully deliberated every article that management put across the table. They deserve huge thanks from all of us, including the WSNA staff that was fortunate enough to work with them and assist them through the process.

Your contract is in effect now. WSNA and the Employer are finalizing the contract so that it can be published online. We will send an update when it is posted.

If you have any questions about the terms and conditions of your employment, please reach out to Hanna Welander, WSNA Nurse Rep, at (206) 575-7979, Ext. 3035, or by email at

Please note - room change for vote

The vote will take place on January 28, 2020.

Due to a scheduling conflict, the employer must move the contract vote from the TBI Day Room to the Whidbey Day Room, 2nd Floor.

The voting times will remain the same: 12-2 p.m. and 5-8 p.m.

We look forward to seeing everyone there!


Hanna Welander, BSN, RN
Nurse Representative
206-575-7979, Ext. 3035

It's time to vote on our contract


January 28, 2020

Times: noon—2 p.m. and 5—8 p.m.

Room: TBI Conference Room

Remember: You must be a member to vote

This contract is recommended by your bargaining team: Anna Pyfrom and Heather Wantz

Great News – Your negotiation team reached a tentative agreement for a first collective bargaining agreement with the Franciscan Specialty Care, LLC. Thanks to your support, we have accomplished many important goals. Your Team is proud to unanimously recommend a YES vote!

First contracts are always hard to achieve. Your team stood toe to toe with Kindred to reach an agreement that includes the important elements of a union contract and creates the foundation for nurses to advocate for ourselves and our patients.

Full copies of the draft agreement will be available at ratification for review. Your WSNA bargaining team will also be there to help answer any questions. Come to the ratification vote to find out more!

Highlights include:


  • Wage Increases – Raises will be guaranteed and no longer be tied to performance appraisals. Increases will occur every 6 months during the term of the 3-year contract. 6/20 – 1.25%, 12/20 – 1.75%, 6/21 – 1.25%, 12/21 – 1.5%, 6/22 – 1.25% and 12/22 – 1.5%.
  • Wage Scale for New Hires – Raises for current nurses will be based on your current wage rate. Newly hired nurses will be hired at a rate based on their years of experience for up to 10 years. After 6 months of service, newly hired nurses will receive the same wage increases as other nurses.
  • Maximum Wage Rate – Current nurses are eligible to receive all wage increases. Nurses hired after the ratification of the contract will have a maximum wage rate of $50. A nurse hired after the ratification of the contract who makes more than $50 will earn a bonus equivalent to the wage increase in lieu of a wage increase.
  • Per diem nurses – Per diem nurses will earn $43/hour. For the majority of current per diem nurses, this will be a significant increase.
  • CRRN Differential and Bonus – Effective 12/21, increase from the current $0.75 to $1. We have preserved the current $500 bonus for the term of the contract.
  • Weekend Differential – Increase by 25 cents on 12/20, 25 cents on 12/21, 25 cents on 6/22, 25 cents on 12/22
  • Sick Leave – The hospital will provide paid sick leave as required by Washington law equivalent to 1 hour of leave for every 40 hours worked. For full time and part time nurses, this is a reduction from your current accrual rate. Full time and part time nurses affected by this reduction will receive a wage increase of 25 cents to compensate for this reduction. Full time and part time nurses are still eligible to use PTO time for illness. In addition, all nurses who work at least 820 hours in a qualifying period (about 1 year) are eligible to receive benefits under the Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave Act. Note: hours worked at another job count towards the work requirement. For more information, go to
  • Health Savings Account – Qualified nurses will receive $350/$700 per year in an HSA for the term of the contract.

Our Voice – Advocating for Nurses and Patients

  • Just Cause protection – Nurses will no longer be at-will employees. The hospital will only be able to discipline or discharge a nurse if the employer can meet the legal standard of just cause.
  • WSNA representation in an investigation – Strong language to make it clear that you have the right to ask for and receive representation if you are being called into a meeting that you reasonably believe could lead to your discipline.
  • Grievance Procedure – Nurses will have an ability to resolve any disputes about the interpretation or implementation of our contract through a grievance procedure. If necessary, we will be able to submit grievances to a neutral arbitrator for resolution. Your contract is a legal document and the grievance procedure ensures that we can hold the hospital accountable to the agreements they have made.
  • Seniority and Layoff Language – The principle of seniority is an important element of a union contract. Respect for seniority is most important in a layoff situation. In the unlikely event of a reduction of force, the hospital will be required to protect the nurses who have been here the longest.
  • Union Rights and Security – Your union, WSNA, is the vehicle that we will use to bring about positive changes. Your bargaining team placed great emphasis on making sure that our contract provides us with the tools to build a strong union at the hospital. We are pleased to have secured language that recognizes WSNA as the exclusive bargaining agent for nurses at the hospital, mandates the hospital to collect our union dues for us and facilitates better communication by requiring the hospital to provide accurate contact information on the nurses who work here.
  • Conference Committee – We will have a contractually created committee to sit down with hospital administration and talk through problems and concerns from both sides. We know that better communication leads to better outcomes.
  • Staffing Committee – The hospital will be required to meet with nurses to determine the hospital’s staffing plan. The committee, comprised of 50% nurses, is also charged with resolving any complaints from nurses related to staffing. This committee needs to hear from you! Nurses should be filling out Assignment Despite Objection forms on a regular basis. These forms are easily accessible and completed. Please go to

Questions? Contact Hanna Welander, WSNA Nurse Representative at 206-575-7979, ext. 3035 or

We have reached a tentative agreement!


We are excited to announce that we have reached an agreement on our first contract with CHI Rehabilitation Hospital. We fought to the very end to get the very best deal. While we did not achieve everything that we hoped for, the new contract provides us with important building blocks that we will use to advocate for our patients and ourselves moving forward. We will have more information about the agreement shortly. We are proud to present this contract to you for ratification at the vote on January 28.

Please plan to be present to vote on your new contract.

Location: TBI Conference Room

Date: Jan. 28, 2020

Times: noon - 2 p.m. and 5 - 8 p.m.

In solidarity from your negotiating team,

Anna Pyfrom and Heather Wantz

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Representative Hanna Welander, BSN, RN at or 206-575-7979, Ext. 3035.

Negotiation update 8

We met for our eighth session on December 3, 2019. We have come a long way in developing the basic structures of a union contract that includes just cause protections, the grievance procedure, and the ability to advocate for safe staffing. However, we remain divided on very important issues such as wages and daily overtime.

We have reached a critical juncture in these negotiations. We need to converse with all of you about our direction moving forward. It is now crucial to hear your voice. This is a meeting you must attend.

Location: TBI Conference Room
Date: Monday, December 16, 2019
Time: 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM

For questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to us or contact Hanna Welander, WSNA Nurse Rep, or (206) 575-7979, Ext. 3035.

In Solidarity,

Anna Pyfrom and Heather Wantz

Negotiation update

We met for our seventh negotiation session Nov. 7, 2019. We are continuing to fight for a settlement that includes a fair resolution to our last and important issues, economics, including wages, premiums and overtime. Our next meeting is Dec. 3, 2019.

Thanks to everyone that came to the union meeting on Oct. 15 at the hospital.

In solidarity,
Your negotiating team:
Anna Pyfrom and Heather Wantz

For questions, please contact WSNA Nurse Representative Hanna Welander at (206) 575-7979, Ext. 3035 or

Negotiation update meeting

Attention all CHI Franciscan Rehab Hospital RNs!

We will hold a negotiation update meeting in the 2nd floor dayroom on:

October 15, 2019
5:15-7:15 PM

The WSNA attorney and Nurse Rep, Hanna Welander, will be there to help answer questions. Please be sure to attend.

In solidarity,

Anna Pyfrom and Heather Wantz, WSNA Negotiating Team

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Representative Hanna Welander, at or 206-575-7979, Ext. 3035.

Negotiation session #6

We made significant progress on Oct. 8, our sixth session. We are establishing the building blocks for a good contract. We have reached tentative agreements on the following:

  • just cause language that protects nurses from unfair discipline;
  • successorship language that will ensure that the contract will survive any future sale (this is not being contemplated!);
  • staffing committee language that will give nurses a voice in administering the staffing plans at the hospital.

At our next session we will focus on economics including our proposal for daily overtime which we know is very important to you.

We are planning a local unit meeting and are exploring the date and time. Watch your mail and emails for further updates.

In solidarity,

Anna Pyfrom and Heather Wantz

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Representative Hanna Welander at or 206-575-7979, ext. 3035.

Negotiation update

Negotiation session #5

We met again for our fifth negotiation session on September 24, 2019. We still have some weighty issues to be negotiated, but we are making progress on some of the basic structures of the union contract. Today we reached agreement on the grievance procedure which we use to enforce our contract. We still have significant issues to address including the employer’s insistence on increasing the cost of our health insurance benefits.

Reminder! Please complete an Staffing Complaint/ADO (assignment despite objection) Form

Protect your license, protect your patients, fill out a Staffing Complaint Form/ADO. What happens to your ADO? A copy of the ADO goes to both co-chairs of the Nurse Staffing Committee and your WSNA Nurse Representative. Here are examples of when you should fill one out:

  • Forced / mandatory overtime
  • An assignment poses a serious threat to the health and safety of a patient under your direct care

For questions about how to complete a staffing complaint/ADO form, contact Anna Pyfrom or Heather Wantz for assistance.

Our next scheduled negotiation session is October 8, 2019.

For any other questions, contact Hanna Welander, at 206-575-7979, Ext. 3035.

Negotiation update #4

We met for our fourth negotiation session on August 15, 2019. The employer came with a proposal to reduce our health benefits by eliminating the 900/1800 plan and removing the Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield and increasing nurses’ premium costs. The new third party plan administrator is Meritain Health/Aetna and we are researching what changes may take place in your access to medical care with this new plan.

Based on feedback from nurses, we have made a proposal for a fair and equitable wage and step system. This recognizes value in seniority. Thanks to everyone that came to the local unit meeting on August 7, 2019. Watch for more to come!

Ask us how to load the Staffing Complaint/ADO form on your phone for easy submission..

Our next session is Sept. 24, 2019.

In solidarity from your Negotiating Team,
Anna Pyfrom and Heather Wantz

For any questions, please contact Hanna Welander, WSNA Nurse Rep, (206) 575-7979, Ext. 3035 or

Local unit meeting


August 7, 2019: Anna Pyfrom and Heather Wantz, WSNA negotiating team members, visit with Francisca Grande and Maria Scanlon-Coen at the local unit meeting.

Negotiation update

We met for our third negotiation session today and we are still making strides. We came to agreement on a couple of articles. We introduced language on nurse staffing and workplace violence because our priorities are to make sure that nurses can deliver safe patient care.

Food and conversation:

Come and meet with your negotiating team, WSNA attorney and Nurse Rep to hear about your contract! Please RSVP to Hanna Welander at or call (206) 575-7979, Ext. 3035.

August 7, 2019, from 4-8 p.m.

5924 6th Ave
Tacoma, WA 98406
(253) 565-6037

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Representative Hanna Welander at or call (206) 575-7979, Ext. 3035.

Negotiation update

We met for our second negotiation session with Kindred management on July 24, 2019. We made more headway but are still working on multiple important issues. Next session will be July 31, 2019. The following week of August 5, 2019, we will be holding Local Unit Meetings to hear your questions and concerns, so watch for an update.

In solidarity
from your negotiating team,
Anna Pyfrom and Heather Wantz

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Representative Hanna Welander at 206-575-7979, ext. 3035 or

Negotiation update

Your bargaining team received a proposal from the hospital to increase wages while we continue our negotiations for a first contract. In order to make sure that nurses at the hospital receive raises immediately, we have agreed to the employer’s proposal. Under the proposal, regular status nurses (nurses with an FTE) will receive wage increases based on your performance evaluation based on the following formula:

  1. Regular full-time and regular part-time nurses hired 90 days or more before June 2, 2019 will receive raises to their wage rates as follows:
    • Nurses who received a performance evaluation rating of 3 – 1.8%
    • Nurses who received a performance evaluation rating of 4 – 2.2%
    • Nurses who received a performance evaluation rating of 5 – 2.5%
  1. The above described raises will be applied retroactively to June 2, 2019. The retroactive payment will be prorated based on the number of months the nurse worked within the previous 12 months. For example, if a nurse has worked 6 full months at the time of the increase and received a “5” rating, said nurse will receive a 1.25% increase effective June 2, 2019. Likewise, if the same nurse with 6 full months received a “4” rating, she would receive a 1.1% increase effective June 2, 2019.

Please note, your bargaining team does not agree that pay increases based on performance evaluations is a fair or ethical method of determining compensation. You have called for a step system and we will continue to fight for a step system. In agreeing to the employer’s proposal, your bargaining team made it very clear that we did so on a non-precedent setting basis with the reserved right to make a full economic proposal in our ongoing negotiations. We will present that proposal in the weeks ahead.

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Representative Hanna Welander at 206-575-7979, ext. 3035 or

WSNA Negotiation Update - session 1

Negotiations went well on our first day. We are still in the very beginning phases and it will take time. We are putting together the building blocks of our contract, to make sure that we nurses have a strong and effective voice.

The next negotiation date is Wednesday, July 24, 2019. Stay tuned for more information

In solidarity from your negotiating team:

Anna Pyform and Heather Wantz

Questions? Please contact WSNA Nurse Rep Hanna Welander at or (206) 575-7979, ext. 3035.

Important negotiation update

We are beginning the process of negotiating our first WSNA contract with CHI Franciscan Rehabilitation Hospital. This is an exciting and important step in ensuring that nurses have a meaningful voice in our hours, wages and working conditions.

The pre-negotiation surveys are in! These will help us negotiate your first WSNA contract! Thanks to everyone that participated. The surveys are used to help us prepare our initial proposal. This proposal will be presented to management on the first day of negotiations.

The first negotiation session will take place June 6, 2019. Watch for updates in your home emails.

In solidarity from your negotiating team:

Heather Wantz, Anna Pyform and Giselle DeGuzman

Questions? Please contact WSNA Nurse Rep Hanna Welander at or (206) 575-7979, ext. 3035.