2020 Legislative Session Week 1 #

In this week’s update:

  • Week 1 Recap
  • School Nurse Corps
  • Health System Finan­cial Transparency

Upcoming Events

Week 1 Recap #

The 2020 legisla­tive session kicked off on Monday. It’s the second year of the biennium which means that it is a short” 60-day session. New House Speaker Laurie Jinkins was sworn in on Monday – she is the first woman and first out lesbian Speaker of House. She is a strong advocate for access to health care, public health, as well as nursing and patient safety issues. Former Speaker Frank Chopp remains a member of the House of Repre­sen­ta­tives and is now sitting on several commit­tees including House Health Care.

WSNA testi­fied in House and Senate hearings on the Governor’s budget this week – speaking to the impor­tance of new funding for the School Nurse Corps. We also provided comments on a couple policy bills of impor­tance (more on that below).

For more on WSNA’s 2020 Legisla­tive Prior­i­ties click here.

School Nurse Corps Funding #

WSNA is supporting OSPI’s ask for an additional $2.75 million for the School Nurse Corps in the 2020 supple­mental budget. This would assure a minimum one-day a week school nurse service in our state’s small, rural school districts. Over the last 20 years, funding for the School Nurse Corps has remained flat, even as student health condi­tions and the number of nursing care plans have drasti­cally increased. The Governor’s Budget included $1.7 million in new funding for the School Nurse Corps.

Health System Financial Transparency #

On Wednesday, House Bill 2036 had a hearing in the House Health Care Committee. This bill would increase finan­cial disclo­sures around charity care and Commu­nity Benefit, facility fees, and affil­i­ated organi­za­tions such as for-profit businesses held by non-profit health systems. It would require hospi­tals to disag­gre­gate their data from a system-level – providing more detail on whether large health systems are complying with laws such as Commu­nity Benefit, intended to improve commu­nity health. WSNA testi­fied in support of this bill along with several partners.

Advocacy Camp & WSNA Lobby Day #

As news about our legisla­tive prior­i­ties develop, watch for Action Alerts from WSNA regarding when to weigh in. Of course, one of the best oppor­tu­ni­ties to take action is by joining your fellow nurses in Olympia for WSNA Lobby Day to meet with your legis­la­tors face-to-face!

Upcoming Events #

January 27
WSNA Advocacy Camp

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February 6
WSNA Nurse Lobby Day

We are happy to offer 2.75 CNE contact hours this year!

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Please look for regular email updates on legisla­tive action as the legisla­tive session gets underway – we look forward to your partic­i­pa­tion in the process!