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We stay on top of issues and bills in that impact the nursing profession, health care and collective bargaining. Through regular updates and opportunities to participate in the political process, WSNA helps nurses stay informed and have a say in the decisions that impact your practice.

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2020 legislative session

This year we're working on...

Budget priorities
  • School Nurse Corps funding
    Improve the health and safety of K-12 students across Washington by funding OSPI’s request for an additional $2.75 million for the School Nurse Corps which funds nurses in Class II (small, rural) school districts.
  • Nursing education funding
    Increase funding for four-year university nursing faculty salaries to recruit and retain well-qualified educators. Provide scholarship and loan repayment funding that allows financial stability while giving underserved communities additional providers. Increase training opportunities for sexual assault nurse examiners.
Policy priorities
  • Sexual assault nurse examiners
    Increase access to training, improve reimbursement and call payments, and create uniformity around the state to ensure victims receive the care they deserve.
  • ARNP reimbursement parity
    Require health plans to reimburse ARNPs at the same rate as physicians when the same service is provided, aligning with the practice of Washington State Medicaid and the Department of Labor & Industries.
  • Health system transparency
    Require increased transparency of health system financial reporting, including disaggregation of data.


Advocacy toolkit

Legislator voting record

The 2019 Legislator Voting Record was developed based on priority bills that WSNA supported during the 2019 state legislative session. Not all WSNA priority bills were voted on in both chambers, which is why the bills lists differ from Senate to House. As the voting records indicate, most nursing issues have bipartisan support in Olympia.

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2020 Legislative Session Week 1

2020 Legislative Session Week 1 update The 2020 legislative session kicked off on Monday. It’s the second year of the biennium which means that it is a “short” 60-day session. New House Speaker Laurie Jinkins was sworn in on Monday – she is the first woman and first out lesbian Speaker of House. She is a strong advocate for access to health care, public health, as well as nursing and patient safety issues. Former Speaker Frank Chopp remains a member of the House of Representatives and is now sitting on several committees including House Health Care.

Remember to vote

A friendly reminder from the WSNA-PAC Board that Washington state’s Primary Election is Tuesday, August 6 – no postage is required to mail your ballot! The WSNA-PAC has endorsed candidates in two special election legislative races.

State cites and fines St. Joseph Medical Center Tacoma for serious safety violations

The state Department of Labor and Industries on April 11 cited and fined St. Joseph Medical Center Tacoma for safety violations related to a series of attacks on nurses at the hospital. L&I’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health launched an investigation at the request of WSNA after a patient in the psychiatric unit assaulted numerous nurses in October 2018.

St. Joseph’s Tacoma nurses fight for themselves and their patients

As nurses across the country unite and advocate for their profession, St. Joseph’s Tacoma nurses are doing the same for themselves and their patients as they fight the good fight for safe staffing – and against incredibly unsafe, management mandated “alternative staffing.”

It's on us to continue #BeyondTheCards

The collective voice of 4 million nurses have spoken, and they have been heard: the Washington state breaks and overtime protections bill has passed, without the bad amendments, and is on its way to the Governor. But we are not finished. We invite you to join us in our Facebook group #Beyondthecards in order to continue the momentum and nurse advocacy that has sustained the passage of our breaks and overtime protections bill.

It’s about nurses’ voices

As nurses around the country watch to see if Washington’s legislature will pass urgently needed breaks and overtime protections, we are reminded of the power nurses have owning our profession.