Katherine J. Hoffman, PhD, MN, RN, fondly referred to as Katie, was instru­mental in the early efforts for devel­oping nursing research. The first nurse in Washington State to receive a Ph.D., (in 1956) Dr. Hoffman was a member of the ANA Committee for Nursing Studies who’s work led to the 1958 ANA House of Delegates asserting that research was the number one priority of the profes­sion of nursing at that time.

Dr. Hoffman was honored with emeritus status in 1984 as one of the founders of the Western Council for Higher Educa­tion in Nursing (WCHEN). She was an active member of the WCHEN Graduate Seminar that gave leader­ship to what was to become the Commu­ni­cating Nursing Research Confer­ences. She was a contrib­utor to the devel­op­ment of, and was an active partic­i­pant in, the original nursing research confer­ences spear­headed by WCHEN. In addition, she was a Charter Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing, and she helped to formu­late the goals and objec­tives for the Academy.

As Assis­tant Dean at the Univer­sity of Washington School of Nursing, she with Dean Mary Tschudin obtained one of the first funded Faculty Research Devel­op­ment federal grants (1959). In 1964, Dr. Hoffman became director of one of the first Nurse Scien­tist grants that supported nurses studying toward a Ph.D. Her generosity, willing­ness to listen and ability to give wise counsel have been recog­nized by many awards and special presen­ta­tions throughout her career. Yet, as her associate Dr. Crowley said, I guess her highest honor is that everyone loves her so much.”

Katherine Hoffman was admired by all who worked with her for her wisdom, her intel­lect, and her vision. She will always be remem­bered for her warmth and her concern for and belief in others. By holding to consis­tently high standards of schol­ar­ship, she helped to prepare a large number of nurse scholars who have contributed to nursing’s knowledge