Janet Holloway, MA, RNC, associate professor, continues to impact nursing practice through effec­tive use of critical thinking strate­gies while teaching under­grad­uate baccalau­reate students. She has helped to prepare more than 500 profes­sional nurses through her commit­ment to teaching the begin­ning nursing students, the students for whom the best instruc­tors are needed.

Jan’s creative approaches to clinical instruc­tion contin­u­ally change. She utilizes new theoret­ical strate­gies and rapidly advancing technology in her educa­tional curriculum. Jan is known as second author on a landmark study regarding Confu­sion in the Hospi­tal­ized Elderly. She has contributed to the devel­op­ment of a rating scale to assess computer programs, and Jan also uses inter­ac­tive video discs for patient-care focused confer­ences, thus enabling her to remain in the forefront of her colleagues and curric­ular concerns. She has recently co-devel­oped a new course elective on caring which will enable her to teach formally what so many students and RNs have experi­enced, her gentle yet focused consul­ta­tions at the bedside.

Jan has consis­tently, and for many years, actively partic­i­pated in local, state, and national activ­i­ties of the Inland Empire Nurses Associ­a­tion, Washington State Nurses Associ­a­tion and American Nurses Associ­a­tion. She was instru­mental in networking Eastern Washington nurses with former House Speaker Tom Foley; and thanks to Jan, many a nurse who was invited to join in on WSNA legisla­tive commit­tees or special projects continue to lobby for nursing.

Jan has been recog­nized by the alumnae of the Inter­col­le­giate Center for Nursing Educa­tion (ICNE) as a nurse educator and leader whom they remember best as being a signif­i­cant mentor in their educa­tional forma­tion and profes­sional growth. The impact of her contri­bu­tions will long be experi­enced by patients receiving care from Jan’s lifetime of students.